10 Dos and Don’ts for Creating Your Wedding Website

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Although it may not appear so at first, your wedding website is a very important part of planning a successful wedding: It will be the main source of information for all your wedding guests where they can learn more details about the big day, meet your wedding party, and find answers to any questions they may have. So, make sure you don’t neglect making a wedding website or leaving it until the last minute of your wedding planning timeline. Keep your wedding guests informed and excited with these dos and don’ts that will help you create a wedding website that does everything it should.


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DO include the basics. There are a handful of items that your wedding website should, without a doubt, include. These are the ceremony and reception location and directions, your wedding registry information, your engagement details, and the story of how the two of you met. Imagine your website as a place where you can fit all the information you need to provide to your guests, without cramming into your elegant wedding invitations.

DON’T use acronyms that some of your guests may not understand. Wedding terms like MOH, MOB, H2B, or FG are not common sense to most people and, although these wedding abbreviations may be helpful for you, they will only cause confusion for your guests. Imagine that your grandparents will be visiting the site for info, so you want to be as straight forward with your details as possible. This also goes for directions to your venue – make sure you write them to be out-of-town-friendly and avoid abbreviations.

DO provide recommendations for lodging and dining so all of your guests can be prepared if they’re from out-of-town or are unfamiliar with the area (this is especially crucial if you’re planning a destination wedding). Also, give them transportation information for buses or shuttles that they can use to get around town or to your wedding. If you’ve made any special arrangements at a local hotel for your guests, be sure to mention these and give all the information your guests will need. Guests really appreciate any recommendations you have for fun things to do, great places to shop, or the best spots to grab a bite to eat during your wedding weekend.

DON’T make your wedding guests RSVP only through your website. Although it may be convenient and almost second nature to some of your guests to RSVP via the computer, send out your traditional wedding invitations to make sure everyone has a chance to RSVP. This will also help ensure all your wedding planning goes smoothly and that every guest is accounted for.

DO be clear about your wedding dress code and suggested attire. This is one of the most important parts of information that your guests will definitely need to know to be fully prepared to attend your wedding. Let them know if the weather is expected to be super hot, if your venue has limited shade, or whether it’s likely to get chilly during the evening. Suggest any appropriate footwear for the wedding weekend, like if your reception is at a vineyard with rocky terrain or on a grassy knoll where heels should be avoided.

DON’T give details on any exclusive events you have planned for the wedding weekend that are only meant for immediate family members and the wedding party. For example, details about your bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, or weekend brunch party will only upset your guests or lead them into confusion and awkward, unexpected appearances. However, if there are other wedding-related event, like a welcome happy hour or farewell brunch, that all guests are welcome to attend, be sure to include these in your wedding weekend itinerary.

DO share your social media guidelines. Whether you’re planning an unplugged wedding or are trying to make your wedding Instagram-famous, be sure to outline the social media instructions for the weekend. Share your wedding hashtags and be sure your guests are in the loop for posting and sharing photos and videos from your big day.

DON’T forget to add playful, entertaining bios of all your wedding party members. For some of your guests who may not know each person in your wedding party, (yeah, your uncle probably hasn’t met your college dorm roommates) it’s a great idea to include a short and sweet biography about all of your closest gal pals who have been by your side for this special day. Upload some pictures of them so they’re identifiable on the big day and add a fun synopsis of the relationship you two share, plus any hilarious stories. This way, your guests can feel like they’re more in the loop and are a stronger part of your wedding day.

DO give all the details on your wedding registry. This is a big ticket item that you want to give information on since you couldn’t fit it onto your wedding invitations. Your registry is a big part of your wedding experience, and your website is the perfect place to broadcast your registry details without seeming inappropriate or pushy. As a bonus, if you have a variety of online registries it will be even easier for your guests to access these and complete their wedding gift shopping.

DO password-protect your site. Just to be safe and make sure you eliminate the chances of having any wedding crashers, set a password for your wedding website. You will be disclosing personal information on the site, so it’s better to feel secure and only allow your guests to access your website.


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Remember, another main purpose of your wedding website is to get your guests ready with all the details they need and super stoked to attend your big day. Make sure you website is informative, yet playful, and leaves none of your guests confused or out of the loop.

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