How to Throw the Best (Budget-Friendly) Bachelorette Party


If you thought saving money meant planning a less-than-epic party, think again! These tips will help you stay budget-friendly while throwing an epic bachelorette bash that everyone will be talking about for months.

First, set the budget

Before booking hotel rooms or planning an expensive weekend getaway, communicate with the guests to get a sense of how much each girl is comfortable with spending on the party. Anonymous surveys (check out Google Forms) are a great way to go about this because it will allow everyone to be able to be honest without feeling like a Debbie Downer. Give the gals activity options that correspond with each budget range so they have an idea of what they’re signing up for.


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Stay local

If most of the attendees live in the same town, plan the party at a location nearby. This will help save money on transportation fees, make coordinating easier, and allow everyone to feel comfortable in a familiar area. Some fun ideas for a neighborhood rendezvous are a bar crawl, beer tasting at a local brewery, a spa getaway at the fancy hotel down the street, or appetizers at a new restaurant. You will already be an expert on the best deals and hip spots, but doing some research will definitely be helpful to allow you to discover all the secret deals you may not know about yet! Another plus of having the party nearby is that you can get feedback from the other guests who also live there and brainstorm ideas with them.


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Get out and about

There are many outdoor adventures that don’t cost a penny and are great ideas for a bachelorette bash. Camping, hiking, picnicking, or organizing a beach day are cheap thrills that could be a fantastic bonding experience. Just be aware of your audience: make sure the guests (and bride, of course!) are not opposed to getting their hands a little dirty. If everyone’s adventure-ready, an outdoor excursion can be a great break from wedding planning for the bride to get some fresh air! Make sure you bring a good camera because these adventures make for great photo ops, too.


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Have a night in

If you are looking to really cut the costs of the party, regardless if you have the event near home or at a destination, having a fun night in is a great way to save some money. Get creative and organize an at-home wine tasting night, play entertaining bachelorette party games, or plan an old school spa night slumber party with plenty of classic chick flicks!

Staying in can even be more fun than a night out on the town because you will be spending quality time together laughing and sharing memories. If you need more space or want a change of pace, you can plan a getaway and book a cabin or rental home. This way, you can still get the appeal of vacation without having to scramble to find out what to do in a foreign city. This is also a great option if, by chance, the girls aren’t all from the same area, you can find a midpoint that is convenient for everyone. You can save a good chunk of money this way, (think of all the expensive drinks and meals you don’t have to worry about) which allows you to plan something extra fun for the night in!


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Get your game on

One of the most important essentials for a bachelorette party is a great lineup of games! We think that a celebration of the bride-to-be is not complete without some party-starting games in the night’s agenda. You can get super creative and plan a scavenger hunt, play some good old board games, or stick to our list of the best bachelorette party games. These are a great way to fill extra time and break the ice between all the guests, while costing close to nothing. Games are also a fantastic accompaniment to cocktail hour and a wonderful way to relax and unwind during wedding planning.


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Short and sweet

Instead of planning a whole weekend of festivities, keep it to one night! Let’s be real – an entire weekend dedicated to the bachelorette party can be a little exhausting and might feel drawn out. A smart idea is to organize one fun-filled night that will keep everyone entertained and surely be kind to your budget.


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Just the necessities

While buying matching t-shirts, sunglasses, and a personalized martini glass for all the girls may seem fun, your budget doesn’t necessarily agree. Once you buy start buying personalized goodies, there will be too many to keep track of and your budget will soon be bust. Skip the bachelorette party novelties that will probably only be worn or used that night and spend the money on pitching in on a group gift that the bride will really love. You can stick to the essential bachelorette bash decorations and spend more money on activities, gifts, or a nice place to stay – which is what really matters!


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When you can, DIY

Instead of booking a reservation for dinner at a fancy restaurant, plan a fun pizza-making party or cook up some Pinterest-inspired appetizers. For a special twist, you can specially make the bride’s favorite meal or snack! This will help keep the meals budget-friendly and simple, while avoiding overpaying for fancy glasses of wine. If you’re pressed for time, this is a great option because you can easily get all the gals in one place without worrying about transportation (which is a plus when wine is included). Combine the pizza party with game night and you will all have a blast!


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The bachelorette party should be a super fun time for the bride and her bridal crew. Don’t let the stress of planning the party be too much for you to handle. Remember, the bachelorette party is the final hoorah and a wonderful time to bond with the bride during all the craziness leading up to the wedding! We hope these budget-friendly bachelorette bash tips help you plan the party of the year.


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