A Complete Guide to Wedding Etiquette on Social Media


Weddings are very traditional events – from the ceremony to the reception to the cake cutting and the first dance, we generally know the format; it’s time proven and works very well. The structure and ceremony of weddings are rooted in deep traditions which have further significance and meaning that have stood the test of time. Most brides can easily research how to hand sensitive situations to ensure our wedding day runs smoothly and that everyone has a good time.

But brides today face an entirely new challenge – one which brides as recent as ten years ago did not even have to consider: Proper wedding etiquette in the digital age. Social media has introduced the need to write an entirely new chapter on wedding etiquette and it’s largely up to you, the bride to be, to get technical on how to handle your special day in the digital age.

Important people find out first

As tempting as it is to share your big news on Facebook or Instagram the moment it happens, be sure to tell your parents, family, and close friends about your engagement in person. This is a huge life event and you want those closest to you to feel involved through such a special event. An impersonal post on Facebook misses the mark and makes these loved ones feel as if they’re not worthy of the news firsthand. Make sure you wait until all the important people in your and your partner’s life know the big news before posting your adorable engagement session photographs everywhere.


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Keep invitations traditional

Although many things today are electronically based, be sure to send traditional paper wedding invitations instead of electronic email invites. An electronic wedding invitation may seem practical and efficient, but it simply won’t do. Your wedding is an incredibly important and life-changing event and should be honored by placing a paper invitation into the hand of your guests, not by sending an email that could end up in their junk folder. Your invitations are also a lovely opportunity to introduce the color theme your wedding and lend importance and formality to your wedding.


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Stay positive with posts

As you document all the ups and downs of your wedding planning, keep your public posts, tweets, or Instagrams positive. When you are ready to share some of your wedding planning details online, be sure to keep the comments positive and cheerful. Even if your wedding planner has turned out to be an unreliable nightmare, or some guests are not being punctual with their RSVP’s, try to keep your social media posts upbeat and classy – like you! You will likely have some frustrations, or go through some unwanted wedding planning mistakes, but make sure to address those issues privately (taking them public is not the way to go). Any negative details you post about your wedding will only result in hurt feelings and animosity, and you really don’t need any extra stress during this busy time.


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Share to prepare

Do share your pre-wedding preparations in lively, fun photos by posting them online. Your family and guests will enjoy sharing in your wedding plans and seeing all the fun you’re up to. However, be sure to remember that all of your guests will likely be viewing the images, so keep that in mind before you post photos. You and your fiancé will look back on these photos for many years to come, and perhaps your kids will too, so keep that in mind before you post those wild bachelorette photos from Las Vegas!


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Utilize your technical resources

Leverage the great upside of technology and create a stellar wedding website and share your wedding hashtag if you’ve decided against planning an unplugged wedding. All this technology can be super helpful and has introduced an easy and accessible way to share your special day and keep things organized. Your guests will enjoy the opportunity to get digitally introduced to your bridal party before the big day and to read about your first date on your website.

In addition, almost everyone is familiar with how to use a hashtag. Wedding hashtags are a great way to see your guests’ experiences on your big day. If possible, add your wedding hashtag in your wedding announcement, invitations, and wedding website so you get the word out there before the big day.


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Keep these etiquette points in mind when planning your big day and you’ll have a successful 21st century wedding!

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