How to Plan Your Perfect Vineyard Wedding


Vineyards are magical, romantic venues to host your wedding. They are becoming more and more popular, especially in California, for their rustic, vintage charm and earthy atmosphere. If you think having a vineyard wedding is right for you, check out these must-have tips that will make planning your special day a breeze.

Rustic decorations

To match with the countryside ambience, choose decor for your wedding that has the rustic vibe of wine country. Go with natural-colored tablecloths, warm-tone flowers, burlap accents, and vintage metals. Cream, soft blue or green, and natural wood tones are also great to incorporate for centerpieces or furniture. Vintage lanterns, wine barrels, and distressed wood tables are must-have charming accent pieces that really tie in the wine country vibe. Nothing screams “vineyard wedding” like some classic painted mason jars and twine-wrapped candles.


Photo Credit: Sweet Lauren Cakes

Fancy florals

The great thing about choosing a vineyard as a wedding venue is that the color tones of the setting are natural and very easy to compliment. With this in mind, you truly have creative freedom for picking floral arrangements that are right for you and true to your style. Sunflowers, lavenders, and pink or cream-colored roses are obvious vineyard favorites, but feel free to incorporate your favorite flower.


Photo Credit: Koman Photography

Diverse drinks

Just because you’re at a winery, does not mean the only alcoholic beverage option should be wine. Offer some craft beers and fun cocktails like mojitos or Moscow mules for guests if their desired drink isn’t from the vine. You must also check with the winery’s license for serving alcoholic beverages to make sure they’re in the clear for cocktails and liquor.


Photo Credit: J Wiley Photography

Time of year

Vineyards are gorgeous throughout every season, but keep in mind that the passing of each month will change the vine leaves and foliage. If you want your wedding photographs to have a backdrop of lush green vines, you’ll want to book the venue before the August harvest. In contrast, booking late in the year around October will mean that the vines have turned a beautiful autumn orange. If you have your ideal setting in mind, contacting the venue staff will help you find the perfect date for you.


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Local eats

Wineries usually have connections to local caterers in the surrounding area, so ask if the venue has any in mind to bring their delicacies (think local cheese to pair with wine). Hiring local caterers is becoming a huge trend in wedding planning. The winery staff will also most likely have recommendations and discounts for wines that will pair well with each course of your menu. Remember, some wineries do not have kitchens, so it may be necessary for the caterer to have all food prepared before they arrive.


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Vineyard wedding transportation

Both an appeal and a drawback to wineries is their isolation from cities or towns. The tricky factor this brings for a vineyard wedding is the need for transporting all of the guests to and from the venue. Looking into hotels in the area and arranging for a shuttle for guests is a good idea. Having taxis ready for your wine-friendly guests is also a smart move. Make sure you also write in the invitation for guests to dress in ‘vineyard formal’ attire, so they know to wear the right shoes for pebbles or dirt paths. If your wedding runs into the evening hours, outdoor lighting is especially important for the natural terrain.


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Take-home tokens

Handing out wedding favors that tie into the vineyard theme is a great idea. Give wine bottles or personalized cork stoppers as gifts to your guests. This is another chance for you to check for discounts on wine from the winery.


Photo Credit: Aaron Varga Photography

Insider tips

If the vineyard has hosted many weddings in the past, chances are they have recommendations for picturesque vistas that make for the perfect couples photoshoot. Also, if they’ve catered to events with a larger party size, they may have speakers or microphones handy for you. Asking if they have any insider tips is the best way to get recommendations from the people who know their venue the best.


Photo Credit: J Wiley Photography

A vineyard is a beautiful place to hold a wedding, and can be the perfect venue choice for the right person. Not only will your guests bask in the beauty of the scenery, but it will also make for stunning wedding photographs. Portraits of you two as a new, happy couple on a hilltop overlooking a colorful valley will create the perfect shot for your wedding album. With such a naturally gorgeous venue, you can add your own personal touch with decor and flowers, creating the fairytale wedding of your dreams.

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