15 Beautifully Simple Wedding Cakes

simple wedding cake
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Everyone needs a delicious, decadent cake at their wedding celebration. And while choosing a wedding cake flavor may be an easy decision (some may say it’s a piece of cake) for many brides and grooms, sometimes it’s difficult to find a cake design that’s just right for your reception. We’ve all seen those crazy, ornate cakes that just have too many frosting frills and fondant flowers. For those of you with simpler taste for wedding cakes, these are 15 simple wedding cakes that will give you inspiration for your big day’s sweet treat.

Simple wedding cakes with flowers

This style of wedding cake, with a monochromatic frosting and scattered flower buds is sweet and versatile. Even though it is a simple white color, the frosted lines create dimension and texture that makes the cake elegant though basic. You could easily interchange the flowers for blossoms of different colors to match with your wedding color theme or the season of your reception. There are not too many frosting decorations and the cake isn’t overcrowded with tons of flower blossom accents, which make this cake a wonderful choice.


Photo Credit: Harrison Studio


Photo Credit: Ruth Eileen Photography


Photo Credit: Carmen Santorelli

Naked wedding cakes

Another similar style, naked cakes are the most simplistic concept (a cake that has been covered with minimal frosting) yet they create a stunning, not to mention equally delicious, look for your wedding dessert. The beautiful, warm colors of the cake peeking through the thin layers of frosting give a rustic, textured style of wedding cake. You can design the cake to be as “naked” as you want, with more or less frosting, and the style works on every flavor of cake, as you can see below. These naked wedding cakes have been crazy popular among brides recently and are even one of the biggest weddings trends of 2016 – we can see why!


Photo Credit: Brett Heidebrecht


Photo Credit: Michelle Karas Photography

funfetti wedding cakes

Photo Credit: Dylan and Sara Photography

Wedding cakes topped with fresh fruit

Natural elements are definitely a common theme for simple wedding cakes. Real flowers and fruit create an earthy, organic vibe for wedding cakes that is becoming more popular among brides. Instead of swirling heaps of frosting, brides are opting for a ~less is more~ style for their wedding cakes. Nothing can beat the bright, natural hues of fresh fruit or herbs as wedding cake decorations. Also, the fruit can do a wonderful job of reflecting the season of your wedding, which truly adds to the whole theme.


Photo Credit: Andrew Mark Photography


Photo Credit: O’Malley Photographers


Photo Credit: Julia Park Photography

Simple pops of color

If you want to add a little more brightness to your wedding cake, you can incorporate some color into the cake frosting. Without going too overboard with too many mismatched tones of frosting, a soft ombré color gradient or thin stripes of color can be just the perfect touch. If you have strong colors in your wedding theme that you want to incorporate into your cake design, this is the perfect way to do it.


Photo Credit: Emilie Anne Photography


Photo Credit: Chudleigh Weddings

Can’t choose one color for your wedding cake? No problem. Sprinkles are a simple, yet fun way to add a little color and playful touch to your dessert – they’re not only meant for ice cream sundaes!


Photo Credit: Meredith Perdue

Natural accents

From succulents to herbs, incorporating a natural, earthy element when designing your wedding cake can be the perfect choice for you. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, the soft, earthy tones will help to tie in the natural surroundings of plants and flowers. These accents also compliment the crisp white frosting very well, and add a refined touch that will make your wedding cake look like a million bucks. The great thing about these wedding cake decorations is that they’re easy to take off when you slice and serve it, and are an eco-friendly way to go green at your wedding!


Photo Credit: Sposto Photography


Photo Credit: Steve Steinhardt


Photo Credit: Fabrice Tranzer

Choosing the perfect wedding cake design can be tricky, but if you’re going for a more simple style, these cakes can certainly help to inspire your wedding day planning. No matter the season of your wedding or the color theme that will decorate your special day, you can find a wedding cake that fits your style and is the perfect addition for your celebration. If you need a little bit more help with your cake, you can find out which wedding cake flavor is right for you next! Looking at different wedding cake designs is one of the most enjoyable (and delicious!) parts of planning your wedding, so take your time and find the wedding cake that’s perfect for your big day.

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