20 Fresh Floral Arrangements to Inspire Your Wedding

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Of all the decorations that brides choose to adorn their weddings, flowers are probably the most important. Floral arrangements add a pop of color, portray the bride’s personality, and bring a natural elegance to the wedding theme. The beauty of flowers is unlike any other decor element at weddings, so it is crucial that these beautiful blooms be incorporated in meaningful, remarkable ways.

It is easy to add flowers to your wedding day decor, but it takes time and a careful eye to choose artistic floral arrangements. Here are some gorgeous flower ideas that will inspire you and help you find the perfect floral fashions for your special day!

Cascade bouquets

A trending favorite among brides today is the modernized cascade bouquet. This type of floral arrangements has a natural, free-formed structure in contrast to the traditional tight, clustered style. A cascade bouquet focuses more on greenery and less on blossoms, giving it a “freshly gathered from the garden” look.


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Garlands are wonderful natural elements of decor that can be easily placed throughout your wedding venue. They bring beautiful, wispy texture and fresh fragrance to your wedding tables and go great with candles. From arches to table runners to seating embellishments, there are so many places where garlands can be draped to add a charming, romantic touch to your wedding.


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Succulents are very popular floral arrangement accents among brides. They bring soft tones into the assortment that compliment other colors beautifully and add a natural hue to the bunch. As you can see, succulents are quite versatile and can be used anywhere from table centerpiece embellishments to bouquet accents, boutonnieres, and even cake decorations. They can help to brighten up a classy white wedding cake and tie in your wedding theme.




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Farm fresh

Brides are also incorporating fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables into their wedding decor to add not only wonderful fragrance, but unique texture as well. These fresh elements can be added to menu items, floral arrangements, or wherever you want to bring a pop of color. The natural colors of the fruits and herbs reflect the season and enhance your wedding theme with vibrant hues during summer or deep, warm tones during winter.


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Photo Credit: Haley Sheffield


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Photo Credit: Lacie Hansen

The beautiful thing about flowers as wedding decorations is that they can be incorporated in so many ways and you can never really have too many. When purchasing their flower selection, many brides are going for seasonal florals that are available at their local florists. Supporting local businesses is not only eco-friendly (by cutting transportation) but also allows you to get the most fresh, seasonal flowers for your wedding day!

We hope that these floral decor ideas brought you inspiration for planning your wedding day. Our real wedding articles are also a fabulous way to get inspired, see how brides are decorating their special days, and keep up with current wedding trends.

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