The 2016 Wedding Trends Everyone’s Talking About


2016 is seeing a lot of new fantastic trends for the weddings that are being planned this year. Find some inspiration for your special day and check out what is popular among brides today! From crafted cocktails to a new look for wedding cakes, there are some things in this list that might surprise you.

Decadent decor

While soft, neutral colors like creams and pastels have been popular in recent years, 2016 is seeing a trend towards more bright, bold colors in the palette. Weddings, especially during the spring and summertime, will have color themes that incorporate pops of color into the classic neutral palettes.

Another trend that is adding a pop to wedding themes is the use of metallic accents. For some real sparkle, brides are adding sequins and glitter to compliment their wedding colors. From stylish bridesmaids dresses, to metallic-painted foliage, and sparkling cakes, it’s not tricky to add that extra shine to your wedding.


Photo Credit: Natalie Schutt

As for general wedding style, the rustic theme is still a favorite, but with an elegant twist – what’s known as “rustic chic”. Twinkling candles and polished floral arrangements can transform a country barn from shabby to chic. Think country wood barn with charming chandeliers and lustrous metallic accents to make for a more refined rustic feel.



Photo Credit: Lisa Mallory Photography

Romantic lighting is another trend in decor that is becoming more of staple for wedding themes. From candles, to lanterns, to bistro lights, there is always room for creative lighting at receptions. Lights provide a soft glow that can transform a summer evening or add much-needed warmth to a winter wedding.

Putting the “me” in “menu”

The wedding menu is a particular place where couples are getting more creative and going against the grain, incorporating their own personality and the latest crazes into their meal choices. From serving style, to appetizer and alcohol pairings, and even food trucks frenzies, every aspect of the food experience is being explored and tweaked in new ways.


Photo Credit: Emily Heizer

Instead of the traditional, formal dinner that is served to seated guests, couples are opting for family-style dining that encourages more sharing and socializing. Another food fad is setting up mini food carts at the wedding for occasional snacking throughout the entire evening. Taco bars, make your own sundae stations, and candy buffets are just a few of the interactive cuisine experiences that couples are offering their guests. The fun part about these crafty stations is that if food is served all night, everyone can keep the party going even longer!


Photo Credit: Abby Jiu Photography

Another big trend among wedding cuisine is serving food from local sources for a true farm-to-table experience. Essentially, couples are looking to make their weddings more farmers market-friendly. Not only does this guarantee fresh ingredients, but it also is very “green” since it cuts a large chunk of transportation out of the picture.


Photo Credit: Koman Photography

The common thread between all these trends is the desire for couples to have their personalities shine through their menu selection. By crafting a make-your-own bar of their favorite food, serving a family recipe as a main course, or featuring the seasonal menu of their go-to local spot, many couples are connecting the cuisine to their individual identities or shared favorites.

His & Hers cocktails

The food selection isn’t the only treat where we’re seeing some creativity. Couples are also stepping up their cocktail game. The traditional open bar is seeing a unique upgrade to serving signature cocktails, where the bride and groom can feature their favorite beverage on the drink menu. Along with this, specialty bars are becoming popular where guests can create their own concoction according to their own preferences, like a bar serving sangria which you can garnish with fresh fruit of your choice.


Photo Credit: Lisa Mallory Photography

Another recent fad is for the evening’s drink menu to compliment the appetizers (think tacos with margaritas, hot pretzels with beer, or fresh cheese with wine). These can all be in addition to offering the customary wine and beer, but couples are definitely getting creative and using the bar as another way to showcase their personalities and customize their special night.


Photo Credit: The Melideos

A new take on cake

Although wedding desserts will always be the big day detail that is the most popular to personalize, there are definitely some sweet styles that are trending among brides-to-be. This year, classic cakes are getting a new makeover to become “naked cakes” that use minimal frosting to let the cake’s inner beauty be seen. They have a great texture and palate appeal, and are also just as decoration-friendly.


Photo Credit: Natalie Schutt

Cupcakes are also keeping their popularity because of their versatility and no-fuss, no-mess serving style. They are true crowd-pleasers because you can have more than one flavor and can even offer some to guests as take-home favors! They still have the benefit of decorative freedom and can certainly be incorporated into your wedding theme.


Photo Credit: Koman Photography

Crowdsource your memories

One detail that is certainly seeing some evolution this year is wedding photography. With all the new technology and smartphone apps that are available at everyone’s fingertips, wedding days are facing some changes to traditional aperture abilities. From Instagram, to Snapchat and Facebook, the sharing frenzy is almost too much to handle. Luckily, these social media outlets can benefit your big day! By using hashtags or setting up your own photobooth, you can encourage guests to capture moments that might have gone unseen in years past.

Some couples are even having GoPro appearances at their wedding so that the day can be remembered and re-lived with excellent firsthand footage. More photos mean more memories that you can cherish from your special day. Print the images for a guestbook or add them to your professional wedding album.


Photo Credit: Jana Williams

Your wedding is a special time where you can truly make it your own by adding your unique personal touch. These trends can help you spice up the scene and offer some inspiration for new ideas. Your guests want to know more about you and what makes your relationship with your soon-to-be-spouse so special. So, whatever you do, make sure that you create a wedding that expresses your love story.

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