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Many brides these days are looking to think outside the box and find a dessert for their wedding that is something other than the traditional wedding cake. Luckily, there are many sweet second options that will not take away from your guests’ experience or taste buds! We’ve found the best alternatives to wedding cakes that still have all the fun, decorative, and delicious qualities that traditional wedding cakes have. On top of that, these desserts leave extra wiggle room for you to get creative and add your own personal twist to your big day. They are easy, fun, and will delight your guests!


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If you’re looking for a dessert that has a not-too-traditional twist to it, but you want to have your cake and eat it too, cupcakes are an excellent option! With cupcakes as your wedding day dessert, you can still offer everyone’s favorite treat and keep the fun of choosing cake flavors and designing the dessert yourself. Also, you can choose cupcakes that have the right flavor to match with your wedding’s decorations or theme.

As a plus, cupcakes leave behind a fraction of the mess that traditional wedding cakes do, so you won’t need to be bothered by throwing away plates or washing utensils – the only trash will be small wrappers. Cupcakes are great because guests get to enjoy as little or as much dessert as they want without committing to an entire slice of cake (and having the freedom to have more than one cupcake if they need more fuel to keep dancing the night away). Without an entire cake, there won’t be any fuss with cutting slices and at the end of the event, it’s easy to send guests home with any leftovers.


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Cake Pops

If you haven’t tried a cake pop, you’re missing out. These fun, trendy treats are great for parties and are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! Bakeries offer cake pops in a variety of flavors that are designed perfectly for wedding days: they are easy to eat and look fabulous in displays. They are definitely an all-star wedding cake alternatives, and you still get to serve cake! You can also choose your cake flavors and will probably be able to provide the baker a color scheme or decorative theme to follow. Serve cake pops at your wedding for a charming treat that are guaranteed to be a popular hit!




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Assorted Desserts

For those of you whose sweet tooth craves something other than cake altogether, you can opt for fun desserts such as cookies, macarons, chocolate strawberries, or even doughnuts. If you decide on one of these delicious bakery-fresh sweets, you get the chance to share your own personal favorite treat with your guests. You will also get a lot of freedom in terms of flavoring options, display design, and variety. These assorted desserts are easy to order from your local baker, leave behind a lot less mess than cupcake wrappers, and don’t need the fuss of utensils that cake does. They also make it easy for guests to snag seconds or take extras home as party favors.


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Candy Buffet Bar

Candy buffet bars are a fun, playful twist to your wedding dessert. They are a simple alternative that doesn’t require as much planning as baked goods since you can go out and buy exactly what candy you want on your own time and wedding budget! Avoid extra wedding day chaos and skip coordinating with a baker – you’ve got enough on your plate already! Candy buffet bars give you ample freedom to choose your own sweets that add a personal touch to your wedding – share your childhood favorite candies!

As a sugar-coated bonus, candy bar displays are too cute to handle and add a charming touch to your wedding that will leave your guys feeling like they’re kids in a candy shop. And speaking of those little ones, kids will love it too! Candies are wonderfully colorful, so you can serve candies that match your wedding’s theme or color pallet (think M&Ms’s, skittles, or jelly beans)! Candy bars delightfully don’t leave behind a big mess, minus a few wrappers. You can even give your guests mini mason candy jars to scoop their sweets into so you won’t have any garbage!


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Ice Cream Bar

For a cold, creamy dessert that your guests will scream for, serve up some ice cream! If you are planning a summer wedding, keep your guests cool with this delicious dessert. You can choose your flavors and serve individual scoops or have a build-your-own-sundae bar. (If you don’t want the mess of having guests scoop their own dessert, there are catering services that can help). Ice cream doesn’t have to be served just one way! Ice cream cookie sandwiches are a trending treat that are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Or, if you want to add a playful twist to your ice cream station, whip up some milkshakes or serve your guests old-fashioned Root Beer floats!


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Hot Chocolate Bar

There’s something about hot chocolate bars that add a special, unique, and enjoyable element to weddings. Maybe it’s the warm, comforting cocoa, or the fluffy marshmallows – whatever it is, we’re convinced! Hot chocolate bars are especially a great dessert for winter weddings and can even be a great compliment to your donut or cookie bar. There are different varieties to this cozy, classic drink like peppermint, white chocolate, or red velvet so there’s something for everyone.


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Choosing a dessert for your wedding can definitely be an overwhelming process. With all the fine details of planning you have, it’s nice to have one less thing to worry about! Hopefully this list will have you inspired to find the perfect dessert for your wedding day. These alternatives are a great choice if you are looking to shy away from the traditional wedding cake and will surely satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth and have them begging for seconds!

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