7 Crucial Questions To Ask Your Wedding Cake Designer

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The wedding cake is definitely one of the most iconic items that you’ll have to plan for your big day. But just tasting the cake and choosing cake flavors are not the only things you need to consider when finding your dream wedding cake. The logistics and technicalities behind planning and choosing your wedding cake also need to be discussed with your cake designer to make sure things go smoothly. These are seven important questions to ask your wedding cake designer.

1. Do you have my date available?

Wedding cakes are a fairly time consuming process for bakeries, and weddings typically all fall on the weekends. You’ll want to make sure that the designer and bakery you’ve chosen have sufficient time and resources to dedicate to your cake. Ask them if they have your wedding date available and how many other cakes they have booked for that day. Sameen of Baked In Caked Out says that a good question to ask is how many wedding cakes they make per year, “as it tells you how much time will be invested on your cake.” If you feel that they’ve overbooked themselves, then this is not the bakery for you.

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2. How far in advance are wedding cakes prepared?

Because of the amount of wedding cakes that need to be made for each wedding date, bakeries tend to make their cakes in advance to accommodate for their busy schedules. Of course, having your cake ready closer to your actual wedding date is better for freshness and taste purposes. Also, the closer to your date the cake is ready, the longer it’ll last after you officially tie the knot.

unique wedding cake design

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3. Who will bake my cake?

Zoe of The Cake Parlour suggests asking “if the cakes are homemade and if it’s possible to try them first.” Some bakeries have several people who contribute to a cake, including bakers and designers. Other bakeries have just one person who designs and makes the cake from start to finish. It’s important to know whether or not your cake is made in-house and whether or not there will be multiple people handling it so that you know who you need to communicate with in the process.

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4. How much are your cakes?

Wedding cake pricing varies from bakery to bakery, but in general a lot of wedding cakes are priced by slice. You’ll want to find out the size of what they consider to be a slice so that you can get an idea of how much cake you’ll need per guest. Sometimes, the top tier of the cake may not be included in the overall price. Another thing to remember is that the price will increase with the number of toppings, fillings and flavors you include. Sameen of Baked In Caked Out mentions that “having a clear budget for the cake will make the selection process much less stressful. Every cake designer has a price range.” Stay budget-conscious by asking your cake designer clear questions about pricing for each item.

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5. Can cakes be customized?

A popular trend is for wedding cakes to be matched to the wedding’s overall theme or color scheme. Sometimes these colors are unique and need to be custom-made. While some bakeries embrace their clients’ creativity and will actively work with them to create their dream cakes, others do not allow customized cakes and instead have a set menu of styles and designs to choose from. If this is the case, you can ask to see a portfolio of their work so you can see what their style is and whether or not that is appropriate for what you are looking for. Zoe of The Cake Parlour recommends asking if “they are able to customise the cake to the client’s requirements (flavour and design).”

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6. Are there any additional fees to be aware of? What is your cancellation policy?

On top of the cost of the actual cake, there could be other fees to be aware of. Be sure to clarify with your designer what the fees are for and have them outlined in a contract. Sameen of Baked In Caked Out emphasizes that “each cake designer has a different policy. Ask the designer detailed questions about when the contract is to be signed, when the deposit and final payment is to be made, how the tasting happens, how many people can attend the tasting and what time the cake is to delivered and setup at the location.” Also make sure that you are both on the same page as to what the cancellation and refund policies are should you need to cancel for any reason.

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7. How will my cake be delivered?

Zoe of The Cake Parlour mentions that it is important to “ask about transportation and whether delivery is available” for your cake.  Some bakeries will provide the transportation of the cake from the bakery to your venue, as well as set up. Others expect you to arrange your own pickup and delivery. This is an important aspect of wedding planning you’ll want to be prepared for. Clarify with your designer what the expectations are for the day of so there are no surprises.

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