Should I Do A Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot?

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In all your wedding planning research, you may have noticed a common trend amongst brides-to-be: bridal boudoir photo shoots. This hot new trend involves brides taking sensual and steamy photos and gifting them to their future spouses in a pretty boudoir album as a wedding day present. It can be a very fun and exciting experience, but some women will (understandably) have their doubts. If you’re even remotely thinking about doing a bridal boudoir shoot, ask yourself these five questions to determine if boudoir photography is right for you.

Do you want to celebrate your body?

Bridal boudoir photos involve you showing off your best assets, oftentimes barely clothed in suggestive poses and angles. This concept is designed to excite the recipient of the photos, but in reality this is just as much a gift for you as it is for him! Every woman deserves to show off and be proud of her body, whether she’s wearing sexy lingerie or a cozy sweater. If you want to bring out your inner model and be positively reinforced about your sexiness, femininity and beauty, then a bridal boudoir shoot is an absolute must for you.

bridal boudoir photography

Photo Credit: Modern Love Photography

Do you want a visual reminder of yourself as you are today?

The photo shoot itself is fun and exciting, but the photos are the final product. We’ve touched upon the importance of wedding photos and how they serve as the only reminder of your special day; boudoir photos can serve the exact same purpose about you and your body at a certain age. Many brides like to get toned up before their weddings, meaning that they’ll look great in bridal boudoir pictures. In the future, these images will be a reminder of how amazing you looked and felt when you got married.

is boudoir photography right for me

Photo Credit: Meredith Melody Photography

Do you want to feel comfortable in front of the camera?

On your wedding day, you will be the star of the show. Your wedding photographer and his assistant will be following you around with cameras, and asking you to pose for portraits. This can be very intimidating considering most people don’t normally have professional cameras flashing at them regularly. During a boudoir session, you’ll be in a private room with just your photographer and one or two other people, so you’ll have the chance to get used to the flashing lights of a camera. Doing a bridal boudoir shoot will really prepare you for being in front of the camera – after all, being photographed in your underwear will make being photographed as a beautiful bride seem like a piece of cake.

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Photo Credit: Kaileen Spatola Photography

Do you want to give a special wedding day gift?

Bridal boudoir albums have become one of the most popular wedding day gifts for grooms. Brides are taking their boudoir photos and creating gorgeous photo albums to showcase their incredible pictures. Your partner will definitely love opening up this discreet package and realizing that it’s a seductive surprise. You’ll both be able to enjoy looking at a beautiful boudoir album together and individually – whenever you want to see how great you look.

classy boudoir photos

Photo Credit: Laurel McConnell Photography

Do you want to heat things up?

Boudoir photo shoots don’t necessarily have to be done before the wedding – they can be done for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays or just because! You don’t need a special occasion to want to do a boudoir session. Giving your partner boudoir images can be a great way to heat things up in your relationship. Sexy and sensual photos of yourself posing in provocative outfits will surely spice things up and reignite the spark you have together.

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Photo Credit: Mark Timm Photography

Your responses to these five questions will help you decide whether or not a bridal boudoir shoot is right for you. Remember that boudoir sessions are tasteful and elegant, and they are as much a gift for you as they are for him. In fact, if you’re feeling sexy and want to do a shoot just for yourself, we say go for it! Boudoir shoots can be done at any time and for any occasion, even if it’s just for fun. Explore your femininity, show off your sex appeal and preserve your beauty in a stunning professional boudoir album, that you’ll love looking at years down the road.



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