8 Incredible Wedding Day Gift Ideas For Your Groom

groom gift ideas
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On a day focused primarily on the bride, it’s important to make your groom feel equally as special. After all, it’s his big day too! Many brides are starting to embrace the idea of wedding day gifts for their grooms, whether it’s a small surprise or an extravagant gift. Of course, you can purchase bridal lingerie or something that acts as a gift for both of you, but giving him something that’s just for him will make him feel really special. He’ll love your thoughtfulness and the excitement of receiving a present on this special day. Try one of these 8 incredible wedding day gift ideas for your groom.

1. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are to a groom’s wedding day attire as the shoes are to the bridal gown; they may not be seen by many, but they’re an important part of the overall outfit. Give the gift of a special pair of cufflinks that he can wear either on the big day or to formal events afterwards. You can have them monogrammed with his initials, or find a pair that showcase his personality or hobbies.

grooms cufflinks wedding day gifts

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2. Boudoir Album

Many brides are starting to love the idea of a bridal boudoir photo shoot. These sensual and exciting images are taken by a professional photographer, and then combined in a beautiful album to create a seductive and exclusive wedding day gift. If you’re comfortable with the idea of a boudoir shoot, then a boudoir album is the perfect present for your groom-to-be.

boudoir album wedding gifts

3. Watch

Every man needs a nice watch, and what better occasion than your wedding day to unwrap a beautiful watch from your bride-to-be? Watches can range greatly in terms of price, so you’ll have a lot of options depending on how extravagant you’d like your gift to be. Because you’ll be surprising him with an important accessory that he’ll most likely wear every day, make sure that you choose a style that you feel confident that he’ll like. Or, double check the return and exchange policy just in case so that he can choose one of his own liking.

wedding day gifts

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4. Hip Flask

One of the most popular wedding day gifts for grooms is a hip flask. You can have these engraved with special messages, dates or his initials so that it becomes truly his. There are a lot of different kinds of flasks, from metal to leather-bound. Choose a color and style that suits him. Bonus points if you fill it with his favorite liquor before you give it to him!

groom wedding gift ideas

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5. Something For The Honeymoon

Depending on where you’re going for your honeymoon, there could be a whole host of things that you can give as a present. Tropical beach vacation? Sunglasses, swim trunks and sandals would all be great ideas. Exotic location in Europe? Passport cover, luggage tags and travel books are all nice things that most people would like to have, but probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. Be creative when thinking about what items could be useful on your honeymoon. You can even create a basket of a bunch of little things instead of one big gift.

wedding day present for groom

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6. Love Journal

For those who want to go the romantic route, a journal filled with love notes and letters is the ultimate wedding day gift. There’s nothing better than being reminded of all the wonderful reasons why you’re getting married in the first place, especially if he happens to be jittery with nerves the morning of. This could be a collection of letters you’ve written over a period of time, or just notes and lists of all the reasons why you love him. This is the type of heartfelt and personal gift that is absolutely priceless.

grooms gift ideas

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7. A Fun Activity

If none of these ideas really suits your hubby-to-be, you can book a fun activity for him. Whether you choose to make it a date for the two of you or an excursion for his best friends, planning an experience rather than giving a tangible gift is a great idea for the man who has everything (including you!). Rock climbing, beer tasting, a day on the golf course – choose something that you know he’ll love for an unforgettable gift.

wedding gift for groom

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8. Breakfast

Sometimes the best present of all is a good meal. After all, as the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Make sure your groom and his groomsmen are well-fed the morning of the wedding, whether you order them room service at their hotel or have someone deliver a brunch spread. This will be a nice surprise that will definitely show him how much you care.

groom gift ideas

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There is an endless number of possibilities when it comes to wedding day gifts for your groom. Whatever you choose should be a personal and thoughtful present, no matter how expensive or extravagant it is. Remember that it’s not a requirement to give a wedding day present to your partner, but it’s a nice touch and sweet reminder of why it is he loves you so much in the first place.

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