7 Bridal Boudoir Accessories That Will Heat Up Your Shoot

pearl necklaces boudoir ideas

Are you planning on doing a bridal boudoir photography shoot before your wedding? Even if you’re planning a boudoir shoot after the big day, you’ll want your images to be sensual and exciting. Choosing the right wardrobe, hair, makeup and poses are absolutely essential, but adding accessories can completely change the tone of the photo. Whether your style is cute and playful or sexy and scandalous, selecting the right accessories will heat up your photo shoot. Here are seven examples of bridal boudoir accessories that will look great during your boudoir session.

1. Wedding day accessories

Bridal boudoir photos benefit greatly from incorporating wedding day accessories. Your veil, jewelry, shoes, hair accessories, garter belt and any other bridal accessories will help set the scene and mindset for the viewer. A strategically placed veil or sash creates a sultry bridal boudoir photo, while your wedding day shoes or jewelry will bring his thoughts to what you’ll look like on your big day.

bridal boudoir accessories wedding veil

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina

2. Blindfolds and sexy props

You want your boudoir photos to cause his imagination to run wild. Adding props such as blindfolds, silk gloves, handcuffs and toys would make any pose sexy and exciting. Throw in a little bit of 50 Shades of Grey inspiration by blindfolding yourself with a grey tie. There’s plenty of ways to add in sexual implications with boudoir accessories, so feel free to be as creative as you’d like.

boudoir outfit accessories

Photo Credit: Modern Love Photography

3. Thigh high stockings

Thigh high stockings are unbelievably sexy, and they are a must-have boudoir accessory if you’re wearing a panty set that comes with a garter belt. Even if you’re not wearing a garter belt, thigh high stockings are flattering because they lengthen and slim down your legs simultaneously. Your bridal boudoir photo shoot will not be complete without at least one shot in thigh high stockings.

thigh high stockings boudoir photography

Photo Credit: Columbus Boudoir

4. Stiletto heels

There’s something about sky-high stiletto heels that turn even the most innocent outfits and poses into something sexy. They also make your legs look fantastic. High heels are essential for your bridal boudoir session, so make sure you bring a few different pairs in different colors. Black, leopard print and glittery heels all look especially good when paired with black lingerie. Even if you’re more used to wearing flats, don’t worry – you’ll probably be sitting or lying down the majority of the time anyway!

stiletto heels boudoir photo ideas

Photo Credit: Noir Vogue

5. Luxurious blankets and fabrics

Fur, silk and other cozy fabrics make excellent bridal boudoir accessories. You can wrap them around you or let them fall strategically in all the right places, revealing just the right amount of skin. This is a fun alternative to wearing lingerie since you can cover up as much or as little as you’d like. Bonus – it also feels great against your skin!

boudoir accessories

Photo Credit: Pinterest

6. Necklaces

Long necklaces, strands of pearls, statement necklaces – all of these fashionable accessories are also great additions to your boudoir outfits. Necklaces with longer chains are great to play with suggestively, such as with your teeth or fingers. They also highlight your cleavage and can be the focal point of interesting boudoir photos where the rest of your body is out of focus. We also love the idea of stacking lots of strands of pearl necklaces in varying lengths and pairing them with just a pair of panties!

pearl necklaces boudoir ideas

Photo Credit: Stephanie Stewart Photography

7. Something of his

Whether it’s a team jersey, a button-down work shirt or just a plain white t-shirt, wearing something of his is a fun alternative to the traditional boudoir outfit of sexy lingerie. Choose something that you know he loves seeing you in, and sneak it into your boudoir album amidst all the other more classic poses and outfits.

bridal boudoir ideas

Photo Credit: Belle Boudoir

Choosing the right accessories for your bridal boudoir shoot is key because different types of accessories will create different types of photos. For example, thigh high stockings and blindfolds will instantly make your session more sultry and sensual, while his sports jersey channels a more playful feel. Of course, choosing the best poses and outfits are huge components of the perfect boudoir image, but including your favorite accessories will add an extra sense of excitement and uniqueness to your boudoir photos.


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