16 Sexy and Classy Bridal Boudoir Outfit Ideas

pinup boudoir shoot

Boudoir photography is not only a popular trend; it’s starting to become the norm. More and more brides are starting to pose for boudoir sessions to give their grooms a fun and sexy wedding day present. In preparation for your boudoir shoot, you’ll want to take a look at different examples of styles, outfits, poses and looks for inspiration. Whether you want your images to be sexy and sensual, playful and cute or classy and tasteful, there are plenty of boudoir outfit ideas to achieve your look. No matter your body type, from petite to athletic to plus size, here are 16 sexy and classy bridal boudoir outfits that are sure to please.

1. Tie up one of his old white t-shirts to create this sweet yet sexy look. This looks great when paired with a cute pair of underwear or booty shorts. This is the perfect outfit for someone who is ready for a boudoir shoot but doesn’t want to strip down completely.

classy boudoir outfit ideas

Photo Credit: Alexandr Burdov


2. High heels and garter belts scream sexy. Pair your favorite pair of black pumps with a sleek bustier or nightie for an classic boudoir photo. You can add accessories, jewelry and props to make this look truly your own.

sexy boudoir photography outfit

Photo Credit: Konstantin Lazorkin


3. Amp up the excitement with accessories, such as this sheer eye mask. Creative posing and sultry expressions make this lacy number extra hot. You can also create your own 50 Shades of Grey moment by using a grey tie as a blindfold.

boudoir outfit ideas

Photo Credit: Modern Love Photography


4. If you’re really not interested in baring it all, considering wearing an oversized sweater for this adorable and playful boudoir pose. Simply exposing your long legs will leave plenty to the imagination.

modest boudoir photography ideas

Photo Credit: Galla Martyna


5. Bridal boudoir is an exciting trend for any bride-to-be. These photos will make the perfect gift for your wedding day. Your wedding veil is the perfect accessory for a boudoir shoot. Just strategically place it so that you can give your partner a sneak peek into what you’ll look like getting ready on your wedding day. It’s a great way to get an extra use out of your veil!

boudoir photography ideas

Photo Credit: True Blue Intimates


6. We love the idea of wearing thigh-high boots, a blazer and a hat to create this mysterious and vintage glam boudoir look. This outfit is ridiculously sexy without being too revealing.

unique boudoir outfit ideas

Photo Credit: Pinterest


7. Wear his favorite team’s jersey with boyshorts and knee-high socks for a cute and sexy athletic look! Bonus points if you can borrow one of his jerseys.

cute boudoir outfit ideas

Photo Credit: Pussycat Pinup Photography


8. Corsets are unbelievably flattering on any body type, making them the ideal boudoir outfit choice. It doesn’t matter what you decide to pair with your corset – it’ll all look great! Panties, stockings, garter belts, scarves, shawls and jewelry are all great additions to your favorite corset.

corsets boudoir outfits

Photo Credit: Pinterest


9. You don’t have to be a Victoria’s Secret model to look stunning in this pleated babydoll. This outfit is sweet and romantic while simultaneously sexy and sensual.

babydoll lingerie boudoir outfit

Photo Credit: Victoria’s Secret


10. The basic bra-and-panties set gets an upgrade with a pair of black stockings and black heels that will make your legs look incredibly long and sexy. This is an example of a classic boudoir outfit.

boudoir lingerie

Photo Credit: Flickr


11. Looking to channel your inner pinup model? A simple white tank top with booty shorts, a collared shirt and a pair of sky-high heels is a modest yet sexy pinup look. Make sure your hairstyle is curled with the right accessories and you’ve got plenty of red lipstick for the shoot!

pinup model boudoir shoot

Photo Credit: Pinterest


12. A lacy bralette and high-waisted shorts is a modern take on the vintage pinup model. Make sure your hair is big and you’ve got red lipstick to complete the look.

pinup boudoir shoot

Photo Credit: Modern Love Photography


13. If lacy lingerie isn’t for you, try this cozy and casual outfit instead. Wear your favorite sweater purposely unbuttoned to show off just the right amount of skin.

elegant boudoir photo ideas

Photo Credit: Own Boudoir


14. Boudoir photos don’t have to be revealing. A sexy dress that you don’t get to wear that often is a great boudoir outfit choice.

boudoir clothing

Photo Credit: Own Boudoir


15. The innocence and sweetness of the country girl next door gets revved up with this cute country boudoir outfit. A plaid shirt and a pair of daisy dukes are all you need to achieve this look.

country boudoir outfit

Photo Credit: Lusk Photo


16. If you don’t like any of our outfit suggestions, why not try wearing nothing at all? No, we don’t mean posing fully nude! We mean photos of you taking a bath with well-placed bubbles, or wrapped up in a blanket that’s falling off your best assets.

sexy boudoir ideas

Photo Credit: Modern Love Photography

There’s so many different outfit ideas for your boudoir session. You can go the traditional route of wearing lacy lingerie and barely-there underwear, or you can go for a more casual and comfy look with sweaters, t-shirts and his clothing. You can dress up the plainest set of underwear with plenty of accessories, such as shawls, robes, stockings, garters, heels and jewelry. Props can turn an innocent pose into an R-rated pose. Be creative with your outfit choices and keep in mind that your hair, makeup and accessories can change your look entirely. And remember – if you’re still not sure what to wear, your boudoir photographer will be able to help.


Once you are done with the shoot, preserve your special moment and images for years to come by creating a professional stunning boudoir album 

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