Gorgeous Flowers for Every Wedding Anniversary

sunflower bouquet third anniversary

It’s fairly common knowledge that there are certain types of gifts that you should give to your spouse for each different wedding anniversary year (paper the first year, wood the fifth year and so on), but did you know that there is a specific flower associated with each anniversary year as well? Flowers are a great gift for any occasion, but you can make them extra meaningful by giving your husband or wife a bouquet of anniversary flowers. Each wedding anniversary is a special milestone, and giving or receiving flowers for each special year is a great way to show your partner your love and appreciation while also paying homage to these beautiful traditions. Here are the flowers associated with each anniversary year from the first to the fiftieth and what they each represent.

1st Anniversary – Carnations

Carnations are often overlooked, but they are actually quite a lovely flower. You can find carnations in a large variety of colors, from pink to yellow to red. They represent the commitment, loyalty and joy to look forward to for years to come, making them the perfect first anniversary flower.

carnations first wedding anniversary

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2nd Anniversary – Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley is a white bulbous flower with an incredible perfumed scent. They look lovely paired with fresh greenery in a bouquet. However, they are highly poisonous when eaten, so make sure you keep them away from pets! These small white flowers represent the purity and devotion of your relationship on your second anniversary.

lily of the valley bouquet second wedding anniversary

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3rd Anniversary – Sunflower

Bright yellow sunflowers represent the third wedding anniversary. They embody strength, warmth, loyalty and fidelity. Their thick, sturdy stalks represent the strong foundation upon which your marriage is built.

sunflower bouquet third anniversary

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4th Anniversary – Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are a unique type of flowering plant that come in beautiful shades of blue, purple and white. They symbolize gratefulness and appreciation of your partner on a day as special as your fourth wedding anniversary.

hydrangea bouquet fourth anniversary

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5th Anniversary – Daisy

Your fifth wedding anniversary is an incredible milestone, and the daisy is the perfect flower to represent such an important occasion. Daisies are perfectly symmetrical, with each petal stemming outwards from the center, each one standing for the different direction your relationship can grow from the strong core center. Daisies come in a variety of colors, from pink to red to orange, to suit your partner’s tastes.

daisy bouquet fifth anniversary flowers

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6th Anniversary –  Calla Lily

Calla lilies are elegant and sophisticated, commonly available in pure, creamy white. Mini versions are available in beautiful colors like purple, orange and pink. Calla lilies are aptly named after the Greek word for “magnificent beauty” and represent faith, marital bliss and devotion.

calla lily bouquet wedding anniversary

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7th Anniversary – Freesia

Freesias are a stunning flower that have a delicious fragrance, making them a commonly used scent in shampoos, soaps and lotions. They also create gorgeous anniversary bouquets, with blooms in white, yellow, pink, red and purple. Freesias are given to celebrate your seventh wedding anniversary and represent the strength of the friendship you and your partner have developed over the years.

freesia bouquet anniversary flowers

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8th Anniversary – Lilac

Lilacs can come in a beautiful, pure white or a soft, gorgeous lavender. White lilacs represent youthful innocence, while purple lilacs represent the first feelings of love. On your eighth wedding anniversary, a bouquet of lilacs could serve as the perfect reminder of why you first fell in love with one another.

lilac wedding anniversary flowers

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9th Anniversary – Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise flowers are exotic and interesting, thus making them an ideal ninth anniversary gift. They represent a promise of adventure and exploration to come and showcase the magnificence of the relationship you have built thus far.

bird of paradise wedding anniversary

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10th Anniversary – Daffodil

Daffodils are one of the simplest yet most beautiful flowers, with its bright yellow color and fun shape. When put together in a bouquet to celebrate a decade together, daffodils create a simply stunning display. Your tenth wedding anniversary is certainly a milestone to celebrate, and the simplicity of a single bloom magnified when put in a bouquet is a beautiful symbol of your marriage.

daffodil bouquet tenth wedding anniversary

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11th Anniversary – Tulip

Different colored tulips carry different meanings, making them a very versatile flower to give to your loved one on your eleventh anniversary together. Yellow tulips represent cheerful thoughts, red for passion and love and purple for elegance and royalty. No matter what color tulip bouquet you choose, it’s the perfect anniversary flower to represent love, devotion and grace.

tulip bouquet wedding anniversary

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12th Anniversary – Peony

A classic wedding favorite, the peony stands for prosperity and good fortune. These full blooms come in a variety of colors and are the ideal 12th wedding anniversary flower. Peonies are viewed as an omen of good fortune and happiness to come.

peony wedding anniversary flowers

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13th Anniversary – Chrysanthemum

These sun-like flowers have been highly regarded as symbols of luck, prosperity and longevity, thus making chrysanthemums the perfect flower for an occasion as important as your thirteenth wedding anniversary.

chrysanthemum wedding anniversary flowers

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14th Anniversary – Dahlia

Perfectly symmetrical dahlias represent strength, creativity and endurance. A gorgeous bouquet of dahlias can come in a variety of vibrant colors, and describe the solid foundation of your marriage on your 14th anniversary.

dahlia bouquet wedding anniversary flowers

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15th Anniversary – Rose

One of the most popular romantic flowers, the rose is synonymous with love, passion and romance. Your fifteenth anniversary together deserves a beautiful bouquet of roses to represent the beautiful relationship you’ve had together thus far.

red roses wedding anniversary

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20th Anniversary – Aster

Your twentieth wedding anniversary marks two full decades together. Asters symbolize wisdom and good fortune, making them the perfect flower to give to your spouse on your 20th anniversary. You’ve both gained so much wisdom over the years and deserve the good fortune to come.

20th wedding anniversary flowers

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25th Anniversary – Iris

A quarter century of marriage deserves a beautiful flower with a deep meaning. The 25th anniversary flower is the beautiful iris, representing royalty and faithfulness. After all these years, you still view one another as royalty and your fidelity is of the utmost importance.

25th wedding anniversary flowers

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30th Anniversary – Lily

Lilies come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and types. Throughout the thirty years you’ve been together, your commitment and bond has only strengthened to become what it is today. A beautiful bouquet of lilies on your 30th anniversary showcase the commitment, fidelity and devotion you have for one another.

wedding anniversary flowers

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40th Anniversary – Gladiolus

Gladiolus flowers have a long and slender shape with brilliant and vibrant blooms. This stunning plant symbolize all of the wonderful memories you have from the past 40 years, and a bouquet of gladiolus will show your spouse your appreciation and love as you both reminisce about these beautiful memories.

anniversary flowers

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50th Anniversary – Yellow roses and violets

Congratulations – you’ve made it to 50 years of marriage! Such a momentous milestone deserves two different flowers: the yellow rose and the violet. These two flowers are complementary colors and look even better together than they do apart – just like you and your partner.

50th anniversary flowers

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Each anniversary has a different flower to represent the different stages of marriage. They all have deep meanings and symbolize varying traits of your relationship. While these flowers are appropriate for specific anniversaries, you can also give your spouse her favorite flowers in combination with or in addition to the anniversary bloom. No matter what flowers you choose to go with, each wedding anniversary is an important reason to celebrate and an excellent reminder of your love for one another.

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