Best LGBTQ-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

When planning your honeymoon, there are mistakes you will want to avoid and there are important tips you will want to consider. Don’t worry! Planning your getaway is not nearly as stressful as planning your wedding was, but still there are things you will want to keep in mind. Just like when you were planning your LGBT wedding, you want to be sure that you are fully comfortable and relaxed at your honeymoon destination. For LGBTQ folks, that may mean picking your location strategically. Well, look no further… here are the 6 best LGBTQ-friendly honeymoon destinations.

Napa Valley, California

LGBTQ Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

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Napa Valley is a gorgeous destination with classy wineries at every corner. You can find beautiful vineyards, wine cellars and Californian sunsets. You and your hubby can choose between some of the country’s best wine tours. If you find yourself wanting a break from wines and vineyards, check out Napa Valley’s spas, mud baths and incredible restaurants. This is an undoubtedly romantic and relaxing honeymoon destination perfect for picnics and leisurely strolls, just don’t forget to pack your honeymoon essentials!

San Francisco, California

Gay Friendly honeymoon destinations

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If you want your honeymoon to include sightseeing and exploration, look just south of Napa Valley to the beloved city of San Francisco. This city is a great honeymoon destination because it allows you to customize your itinerary to be as calm or action-packed as you choose. San Francisco is filled with romantic hotels, restaurants and gorgeous views of the whole city from Twin Peaks lookout or of the Golden Gate Bridge from every angle. You also have the option to rent a bike or a GoCar and explore Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard Street, Castro Street and the many parks of the city.

Oahu, Hawaii

Best Honeymoon Destination for LGBT

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Hawaii is the most popular honeymoon state in the country, and for good reasons. The beaches are beautiful, the water clear, the climate is tropical and the atmosphere is all about vacation. With options to snorkel, hike, dine or just lounge, Hawaii is the perfect getaway destination. Don’t miss out on the island’s most famous LGBTQ-friendly Hula’s Bar & Lei Stand, which includes drag shows, dancers and delicious drinks! Furthermore, Oahu is considered one of Hawaii’s more affordable islands, topping our list of the 10 best affordable honeymoon destinations in the country.

New York City, New York

LGBT Honeymoon destinations

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While definitely not the cheapest honeymoon destination, if you are looking for an exciting lively city where you will never run out of things to do, New York City is your perfect place. New York is known as the city that never sleeps and if you give it the chance, it won’t let you down! The city offers entertainment on Broadway, beautiful views across the Brooklyn Bridge and at every Manhattan rooftop bar, amazing dining and delicious cocktails. Take a walk through Central Park, ride a Manhattan dinner cruise, enjoy the Empire State Building observatory or explore the many Metropolitan museums. If you like to stay active and enjoy a lively nightlife, New York City is the honeymoon destination for you!

Niagara Falls, New York

Gay Honeymoon Locations

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Although it falls right on the border of New York and Canada, we could not leave Niagara Falls out of our best LGBTQ-friendly honeymoon destinations. Famous for it’s breath-taking views, this location is the ultimate romantic getaway. You can also find a revolving restaurant at the top of Skylon Tower and full-service spas in both the Canadian and American sides of the attraction. Although Ontario and Niagara Falls, New York are generally gay-friendly areas, you can also find specifically LGBTQ-owned hotels in the area if you prefer.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Best honeymoon destination for gay newlyweds

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If you’ve never been to the coast of New England, it may be difficult to understand the serene beauty you find there. With five-star dining, unbelievable sunsets, incredible sailing and great whale spotting, you’re sure to find yourself relaxing at Cape Cod. Provincetown is also famous for being a friendly destination for LGBTQ visitors and having a great nightlife. Lastly, being a small town, your honeymoon in Cape Cod is a great way to enjoy your getaway while keeping your vacation affordable.


No matter what traditions you may find yourselves enjoying most, there is a domestic honeymoon destination with your name on it. And you don’t have to break your wallet to have a truly memorable getaway; sometimes you need to look no further than your own home state…

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