The Best Budget-Friendly Honeymoon Locations in the USA

affordable mountain honeymoons
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Oftentimes couples think that their honeymoons need to be in an exotic international location, but there’s plenty of amazing honeymoon destinations here in the US! With such a diverse variety of climates and nature, there’s no shortage of fun and relaxing locations in our country that would provide the perfect setting for your celebration as newlyweds. Creating a budget for your honeymoon is just as important as your wedding budget, so if you’re looking for cheap honeymoon options, these 10 cities are perfect for you.

1. Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii is certainly not the cheapest American state, but it’s one of the most popular honeymoon destinations thanks to its gorgeous white sandy beaches, warm tropical climate and overall lush vacation environment. The island of Oahu is the most affordable Hawaiian destination and is an ideal place to start your honeymoon if you’re interested in island-hopping once you’ve arrived. Flying into the Honolulu airport is much more affordable than others, and there’s plenty of public transportation that is both affordable and convenient. Because Oahu draws so many tourists, there is a lively nightlife and a large variety of hotels and bungalows at any price point. Research all the different tour and holiday packages available to see what works best for your interests and budget. Take advantage of the diverse landscape by going on a jungle hike, snorkeling or simply relaxing on the beach with a frozen drink. It’s the perfect honeymoon for those seeking an exotic vacation without having to leave the country.

affordable honeymoon Oahu Hawaii

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2. Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Colorado is a beautiful state, and the Rocky Mountains provide a serene and beautiful backdrop for your ideal budget-friendly honeymoon. Some of the most postcard-worthy mountain scenery can be found at the Rocky Mountain National Park, providing the perfect backdrop for your honeymoon. During the spring and summer, nature hikes, rafting, fishing, horseback riding and all kinds of outdoor adventuring is at your doorstep. Winter honeymooners will be able to enjoy incredible skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating and any other winter sport you can imagine. Romantic B&Bs and affordable resorts surround the Rocky Mountains, making it easy to find the ideal location to fit your honeymoon budget.

cheap honeymoon Colorado

Photo Credit: HQ World

3. Puerto Rico

People often forget that Puerto Rico is considered an American destination, and although you’ll have to fly there, the prices of accommodation, food and travel once you arrive on this picture-perfect island makes it all very wallet-friendly. Enjoy the beautiful Caribbean on one of Puerto Rico’s many stunning beaches, soaking up the sun and swimming in crystal clear waters. Or, head to the capital city of San Juan to take in the culture and art this historic city has to offer. The lively nightlife will ensure that you never have a dull moment! Because Puerto Rico is generally a very affordable destination, you’ll be able to find great deals on vacation packages year-round for your honeymoon. However, packages in the fall tend to be a bit cheaper.

best honeymoons USA Puerto Rico

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4. Sonoma, California

There is nothing more romantic than a weekend getaway in wine country, and Sonoma County in California is one of the best places to do so for your honeymoon. There are over 400 wineries, miles and miles of gorgeous vineyards, world-class fine dining, outdoor activities and so much more, making Sonoma an excellent option for any type of honeymooner. Go wine tasting, take a hot air balloon ride, hike through the redwood forest or float down the Russian River – there are so many different activities to include on your itinerary! Because there are so many B&Bs, inns and hotels, there are tons of options for any size budget. Enjoy a relaxing honeymoon with your new spouse in gorgeous California wine country.

cheap winery honeymoon

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5. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Wyoming is home to a wealth of stunning nature, from world-famous geysers to beautiful mountains to abundant wildlife. Jackson Hole is located right by Grand Teton National Park which provides excellent climbing and mountaineering, hiking, scenic drives, horseback riding, boating and fishing. You can go camping in the national park or one of the many surrounding forests for a relaxing mountain escape, or stay in one of the many lodges and resorts that make it easy to be romantic and cozy throughout your entire honeymoon. Proximity to Yellowstone National Park makes it clear that there’s an endless number of outdoor activities and nature to enjoy in Jackson Hole. If you’re looking for a mountain escape for your budget-friendly honeymoon, consider Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

affordable mountain honeymoons

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6. Key West, Florida

Dreaming of a tropical beach honeymoon, but want to stay in the country? The Florida Keys are the next best thing for a Caribbean beach escape. The Florida Keys Scenic Highway stretches for over 100 miles across the islands, providing the most amazing vistas and panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the perfect scenic drive for any couple looking for that tropical escape but wanting to stay local. Key West has plenty of all-inclusive resorts as well as B&Bs to fit any type of honeymoon. Enjoy snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and beautiful ocean sunsets in this beautiful, affordable honeymoon location.

scenic road trip honeymoon

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7. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina is a charming town rich with history. Downtown Charleston is easy to get around by foot, bicycle or carriage, and the antebellum architecture and cobblestone roads are reminiscent of a quaint town in a different century. Not only is there plenty of Southern hospitality and charm in this town, but there’s plenty of excellent shopping, farm-to-table dining and gorgeous picturesque mansions that look like they belong in a storybook. Take a day trip out to the shore for a beach day, or stay within Charleston to visit museums and soak up the history. Charleston, South Carolina is an excellent honeymoon destination for the budget-conscious thanks to its abundance of bed and breakfasts and inns and cost-effective transportation options.

cheap honeymoon ideas

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8. Havasupai, Arizona

Havasu Falls is a magical waterfall that is located within the Havasupai Indian Reservation, near Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Because it is a protected area, it is home to some of the most breathtaking nature and scenery in the world. It is the ideal honeymoon adventure for those who enjoy outdoor activities, as you’ll have to trek about ten miles to reach the waterfalls in a remote corner of the Grand Canyon. The crystal clear turquoise waters are so rewarding to swim in once you reach the end of your hike, and you and your partner will enjoy stargazing, horseback riding and the most peaceful place you may ever travel to. Because you will be camping and trekking the majority of the time, this is one of the most affordable honeymoon destinations in the entire country.

best nature honeymoons

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9. Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City is a popular destination for wedding-related activities, so it’s no wonder that it’s also one of the best and most affordable places to honeymoon in the US. World-class dining, thriving nightclubs, pool parties, shopping and gambling are just a few of the things you can do during your stay in Las Vegas. Take in an award-winning show, watch the fountains at the Bellagio hotel, climb the Eiffel Tower for a panoramic view of the strip and take a gondola ride in the Venetian hotel – you can enjoy all these internationally famous activities all in one place! Many hotels offer honeymoon packages designed to fit your budget and needs, and there’s always the option to stay off the strip to save on accommodation costs. Whether you like to sightsee, party all night or relax in style, Las Vegas has a little bit of everything for everyone.

affordable honeymoon ideas

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10. Staycation in your hometown

Staycations are by far one of the most affordable honeymoon ideas because you don’t have to pay for any travel costs! With the money you save on airfare, you can book one of the most luxurious hotels in your town, splurge on a fancy meal or treat yourself to an indulgent spa day. Have you ever played tourist in your own town? Check out all the popular tourist attractions that visitors like to see when they come to your city. Do the things you’ve never had the time to do before and make a staycation the honeymoon of a lifetime.

honeymoon staycation

Photo Credit: San Francisco Travel

No matter where you choose to go on your honeymoon, there are always affordable options. Remember that by saving a little bit on some aspects of your trip, such as airfare or the hotel, you can afford to indulge a little more in other areas, such as a gourmet meal or a spa treatment. These 10 locations in the United States are all wonderful honeymoon options for those on a budget. Whether you like outdoor adventures or indoor relaxation, there’s something for everyone in each of these fantastic destinations.

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