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For many couples, it might seem all the stressful parts are in planning the wedding, but a honeymoon has nearly as many considerations. The difference is that your wedding may take into account the preferences of others while your honeymoon should be solely the realm of you and your spouse. While finances will likely be the determining factor of your search, keep in mind that this is the trip of a lifetime. You may get a chance to have a honeymoon later on down the line, but particularly if you’re looking at expanding your new family, those plans can fall by the wayside. You don’t need to break the bank dining out at the Ritz-Carlton or drinking out of a coconut in Hawaii, but you want your honeymoon to be memorable for the both of you. Here are some great honeymoon ideas and tips.

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The most important part of planning is communication. If your spouse has their heart set on a beachfront resort while you’re more interested in a woodlands escape, the two of you will need to strike a compromise. Just going along with one or the other might start off your marriage on a sour note, so keep the lines of communication open. Keep in mind that this event is meant to represent the both of you, both as individuals and as reflecting your new union.Once you’ve decided on a destination honeymoon, you need to figure out how long you’d like to be gone. You’ll likely lose a day in arrival and another in departure, so don’t count these towards the total number of days you’d like to spend together. If you’d like four to five days to spend time with one another and take in the sights, plan for a week vacation. With a destination and duration in mind, you can start planning the details. Vacationing doesn’t have to drive you into bankruptcy; the same travel tips for saving money apply here. Consider leaving on a Tuesday or Wednesday in the middle of the day, and be flexible with layover times. If you save money on getting there, you’ll have more money to invest in your accommodations, dining and sightseeing. Be mindful of when other vacationers may be making the same trek because avoiding high-volume travel seasons can cut down on costs considerably.

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If you plan to leave the country, allow extra planning time to get all travel documents in order. You’ll need a passport to get in and out of customs. Allow for extra time to reach your hotel from the airport as customs can be really hit or miss when it comes to waiting. You might get lucky and be the only of your countrymen on the flight, or you might be waiting with 300 or more other people. Plan your transportation from the airport in advance. Many hotels offer complimentary shuttle service, so consider this before finalizing your plans. Particularly when traveling abroad, driving somewhere unfamiliar can put a strain on your nuptials that you just don’t need. Finally, make sure you have some of the local currency on-hand before you get there. Don’t rely on being able to make a transfer right away. There should be a currency exchange in the airport, but things happen, so you should always keep enough money around to get you through your first night there.

As for the honeymoon itself, with all of the planning behind you, you should expect only to enjoy yourselves and take those first steps towards growing as a married couple. Discuss the things you’d like to accomplish during this honeymoon, and be open about anything relating to sex before you actually get to the suite. For some couples, this may be a time to reaffirm a long-standing prior commitment, but for others, it may be the first moment of intimacy. Whatever your background, just remember to keep communication open and not be afraid to voice your opinion. You’ve just made this person your partner for life, so take those first steps.

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