Your Guide to Wedding Themes by Season

wedding themes - autumn
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With engagements and weddings in full swing, it’s hard not to start planning or imagining what you want for your special day. There are so many different color, flowers, food, and venue options, you don’t know where to start. To make it easy for you, we are breaking it down by season to help you map out what wedding themes fit you best!

wedding themes - general

Photo Credit: Brett Heidebrecht Photography

Autumn Wedding

Fall has officially beat summer as the most popular season for weddings. With the change in foliage (sorry Hawaii, this doesn’t apply to you), the cooling of temperatures, and the calm after all the travel that summer typically brings, fall is a wedding trend that everyone is catching on to and loving. To make your wedding stand out among the rest, here are our suggestions for colors, flower, food and the like:

  • Say yes to succulents, berries, greenery and dark colors
  • Make a statement with a dark shaded lipstick
  • Add gold accents to match your wedding theme and season
  • Step away from the navy and blush pink and lean more toward the mixed shades of tangerine or burgundy.
  • Add warmer, “homestyle” foods to match the oncoming of the holidays. We’re loving the addition of uniquely topped sweet potato fries and cranberry fizz cocktails to complete your theme and have your guests excited for Thanksgiving.

wedding themes - autumn

Photo Credit: Saysha Baker Photography

Winter Wedding

There’s something about the winter season that brings people together. Whether it’s the buzz of the holidays in full tow, or the feeling of being cozy in the cold, love is truly in the air. These are our favorite wedding themes for your winter wedding:

  • Ivory, white, and leafy greens are the colors of the season. Adding some eucalyptus and branches will enhance your winter theme without going too overboard.
  • Add nature-based touches such as personalized wooden coasters, or calligraphy embossed floral signs
  • Glam it up! Furs and sequins add elegance and fit into the theme perfectly.
  • Serve themed cocktails to warm up your winter wedding
  • Consider braids! There’s something about braids that bring in an earthy gorgeous look to your winter wedding. Either half up half down, one single fishtail braid, or a braid with an embellished comb or crown, you really can’t go wrong.

wedding themes - winter

Photo Credit: Dylan & Sara Photography

Spring Wedding

Spring, the season of flowers and pastels. It’s the perfect temperature balance between the cold of winter and the heat of summer. With that being said, we think this is the perfect season for a light, airy wedding and all of the wedding themes that come along with that!:

  • For venues, consider an outdoor natural setting with whimsical lighting
  • Incorporate a pastel watercolor palette. Look at using a watercolor theme on your invitations and wedding signs, and even your cake.
  • Add flowers to more than just the bouquets by mismatching your bridesmaids with floral prints, and the groomsmen with floral bow ties.
  • There are never too many flowers! Thinking about adding a garland? Do it! Considering a flower crown? You can’t go wrong!
  • Pick a dress with some sheer flair! You’ll thank us for the airy quality later on in the night, as well as the aesthetic please they tend to have with the camera and the season!

wedding themes - spring

Photo Credit: Studio Castillero

Summer Wedding Themes

Spring is over, the pastels have been done, and summer is finally here! Summer is the time for letting loose, going bold, and keeping cool. These summer themes are focused on just that:

  • With being bold as the theme for summer, consider bold colors for your summer wedding theme.
  • Give wedding favors that are perfect for your summer wedding. Consider putting your timeline of the night on a stick so it can also double as fans for your guests.
  • Simplistic wedding dresses are elegant and beautiful and the perfect way to stand out amongst all of your colors. Adding a statement jewelry piece will top your summer bridal look off perfectly.
  • Opt for the natural makeup. Study up on makeup tips you’ll need for the heat as well as a low-maintenance look to complete your summer bridal glow!
  • Include cold treats on your menu. An ice cream or popsicle bar, for example, will have your guests cooling off and enjoying themselves!

wedding themes - summer

Photo Credit: Jason Tey Photography

From bold and bright to pastel and muted. From summer to spring and back again. These wedding themes will help bring you inspiration as the planning process begins! Next step, setting a date and throwing a party perfect for your season of choice!

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