6 Charming Ways to Light Up Your Outdoor Wedding


If you’re planning an outdoor wedding this summer, it’s very likely that your magical day and reception will last into the evening. With that being said, it is important to be prepared and have the right decorations at your wedding that will be friendly to the evening’s shadows. Guests will be dancing, drinking, and enjoying the event long after the sun goes down. To make sure the party stays lively and exciting, use these wonderful ideas to add some lighting to your outdoor wedding so the fun doesn’t end when the sunlight does.

Paper lanterns

For an inexpensive, playful touch of lighting, decorate your outdoor reception area with paper lanterns. These ornaments come in various sizes and shapes, and it only takes a few to create a soft glow. They are also super easy to assemble and look fabulous when hung from tree branches, or strung across a room. If you have an open ceiling, they are perfect to fill the space to add a bubbly feeling and pop of color!


Photo Credit: Koman Photography


Your wedding night is all about romance, and decorating with candles is the perfect way to emanate those feelings. Candles add a soft, charming glow and go well with essentially all types of wedding themes. They are also the most versatile lighting accessory as they can be arranged anywhere! They look great in corners to give needed light, on tables as centerpieces, or to highlight walkways. You can even place them in lanterns hung from tree branches or in decorative mason jars to add an elegant touch. Just keep in mind, you are dealing with open flames which can be dangerous if not placed carefully! If you want to play it safe for precarious areas, opt for battery-operated candles that have the same appeal but are foolproof.


Photo Credit: Jasmine Star

Bistro lights

Bistro lights are a wonderful addition to any outdoor wedding. They are easily strung over places like the dancefloor, a large room, tables, or the bar to add much needed illumination where people spend most of their time. If you know your wedding reception will last into the evening, bistro lights are a great go-to option since they are easy to set up and don’t have to be worried about as the night goes on. They also look fantastic in any outdoor setting and will add a bright energy that will make your guests feel ready to dance the night away.



Photo Credit: Jasmine Star

Floating Lights

If your outdoor wedding will have any body of water, big or small, floating lights are wonderful accessories to give these areas illumination. When the sun’s natural light ends for the day, areas with pools or ponds will need a hint of extra lighting. Floating lights are the perfect addition because they bring light and movement to these areas and there are a variety of options like candles and orbs. You can even incorporate floating flowers to add an even more romantic touch.


Photo Credit: Studio Castillero

String lights

This method of lighting is similar to bistro lights, but gives a more soft, starry, twinkly lighting to your special night. Commonly known for being used as christmas decorations, these lights are ideal for wrapping around trees, banisters, or wedding arches and also look great bordering edges or being strung across open spaces. They add great amounts of light for the evening time, come in large quantities, and are quite inexpensive.


Photo Credit: Jasmine Jade Photography


Photo Credit: Koman Photography


These dramatic lighting techniques have been recently trending as an exciting accessory for the send off of the newlyweds. As the happy couple prepares to embark on their new life together, guests gather around to light sparklers in celebration of sending the two lovebirds off to their journey. Although these are not a traditional lighting idea, they sure add a romantic spark to the night and make for an amazing photo op that your professional wedding photographer will capture. Make your exit epic and grab some sparklers for a send off that both you and your guests will never forget.


Photo Credit: Photojennette Photography

All of these ideas are great ways to add lighting to your wedding that will bring a delightfully romantic glow to your already magical night. Whatever type of venue you choose, these lighting techniques are versatile and will surely fit with your wedding’s theme. You don’t want to leave your guests in the dark, so plan ahead and incorporate one or a few of these fabulous lighting ideas into your outdoor wedding decor.

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