Best Summer Wedding Colors in 2022

Summer Wedding Themes

There are many advantages to having your wedding during the summertime, one of them being the flexibility to play with all sorts of fun wedding color schemes. While some people choose cute color combinations that work for all seasons, other people prefer planning their wedding by season. Fortunately for those getting married in summer, you have so many great options for your wedding themes and color schemes!

Aqua Blue & Cherry Red

Summer Wedding Themes

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Summer Wedding Color Schemes

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Summer Colors for Wedding

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Aqua Blue and Cherry Red is a unique color combination that is sure to make your wedding venue bold and beautiful! It brings together a gentle color with a daring color for the perfect mix. This color scheme is especially great for a modern or retro-themed wedding. Enjoy bringing in these unconventional wedding colors into your celebration.

Purple & Orange

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Unique Wedding ColorsPhoto Credit: SavvyishSummer Wedding Colors

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Color Schemes

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Lavender Purple and Tangerine Orange are both colors that pop on their own, but together, they’re dynamite! If you like the idea of a wedding color scheme that stands out, consider this unique combination. This unusual color choice is bound to make your bridesmaid dresses, decoration and flower arrangements unforgettable.

Peach & Mint

Wedding Theme Ideas

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Wedding Color Combinations

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Best Summer Color Combos

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If you’re looking for a nice but not necessarily bold color scheme, peach and Mint Green may be the perfect combination for you. While the colors themselves are fairly toned down, together, they make one another pop. This combination can be great for centerpieces, pretty wedding invitations, stylish bridesmaid dresses and beautiful flower combinations. This color theme is a classic and works well for both day and night weddings.

Yellow & Royal Blue

Best Color Schemes

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Creative Wedding Colors


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Summer Color Theme

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As we mentioned earlier, the best part of summer weddings is all of the creative and bold theme options you have. Embrace the sun rays with a Daisy Yellow and Royal Blue theme. The yellow will bring in a fun, playful feel, while the royal blue will add a sense of classiness and elegance. This color scheme is especially fun for an outdoors summer wedding.

Aubergine & White

Wedding Scheme Combos

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Wedding Invitation Colors

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Color Themes

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To add a slightly darker and deeper tone to your wedding, try out an aubergine and white color scheme. If you haven’t heard of Aubergine before, just imagine a slightly darker shade of purple than Eggplant. It pairs especially well with a light, contrasting color like white. While this color choice is definitely unconventional, it is elegant and unique.

Grey & Gold

Wedding Themes for Me

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Wedding Colors

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If you are looking for a classy, toned-down color scheme, grey and gold might be the perfect combination for you. This pair is simple but elegant and easy on the eyes. You can choose how light or shimmery you want your grey and how dull or bright you prefer the gold.

Similarly to choosing your wedding dress, you may pick your wedding color scheme based on the location and timing of your wedding. Because of the time of year and the pleasant weather, so many different themes fit well with summer weddings, so pick whichever combination you love best and have fun with it! Add your scheme to your venue décor, bridesmaid dresses, flower arrangements and even wedding cake. As long as you and your spouse-to-be love the colors you choose, you are bound to love the look of your wedding!

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