Wedding Checklist: Planning the Last 2 Weeks

enjoying your own wedding day
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You’re in that final stretch—only two more weeks until the big day! The last 14 days leading up to your wedding day can seem stressful and hard to manage… With so much to do, this can be the most difficult time to stay calm. It’s important that you take some time off to unwind, whether that means taking an hour off to do yoga poses to relax before your wedding or treating yourself to a spa day. Use this wedding checklist to manage the stress of staying on top of everything, while still allowing yourself time to relax.

  1. Assigning Friends and Family to Help with Your Wedding

As the big day gets closer, you will want to be in contact with caterers, vendors, and photographers. You have enough to worry about, between reading your wedding vows and creating a seating chart… Take some weight off your shoulders by assigning friends or family members to check up with different contacts.
Planning Wedding Assignments for Attendants
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  1. Creating your Seating Arrangements

We know, we know, this isn’t the fun part. It takes a lot to deal with divorced parents, sibling rivalry, and whatever other family drama may be going on, which is why seating arrangements are rarely the highlight of your wedding preparation. Still, it’s best to get it over with and create the seating chart at least a week in advance, so that you can give it to your vendor and decide how and where to label seating.

planning seating arrangement for wedding

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  1. Providing Vendors with Instructions

Although sometimes you may encounter some unplanned events on your wedding day, you want to be as prepared as possible. Have a list ready to give to each vendor that includes any important information they will need the day of the wedding, such as special drink requests for the bar, specific shot requests for the photographer, or food requests for the caterer. This should also incorporate any last-minute changes. This list will help assure that nothing is forgotten.

managing wedding vendors

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  1. Doing Your Own Personal Wedding Dress Rehearsal

The best way to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions is to try on your whole ensemble a week before your wedding. Put on your dress, shoes, and special underclothes that go under your wedding dress… if anything is uncomfortable, tight, or not how you wanted, now is the time to buy alternates. Look for any loose threads or buttons, stains, or anything else that may need fixing.

trying on wedding dress at home

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  1. Giving Thank-You Gifts

It’s more than just a little understandable that during this hectic time of planning, you don’t think to give gifts. However, simple “thank you” or “I love you” gifts can be quick, easy, and much appreciated. Whether it’s thank-you gifts for your bridesmaids, your parents, or your partner, a nice bottle of wine or a box of some delicious chocolates goes a long way.

thank you gifts for wedding guests

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  1. Writing Welcome Notes for Traveling Guests

Chances are, some guests will be traveling to attend your wedding. Although it’s not part of basic wedding etiquette your guests expect, your guests would very much appreciate their arrival being greeted with a welcome note from the marrying couple. The distribution of notes can be a task assigned to a friend or family member if needed.

welcome notes for guests traveling to wedding

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  1. Preparing for your Wedding Day Weather

Depending on the season in which your wedding day is planned, be ready for any climate situation that may come up, whether it’s a heat wave or a downpour. Prepare accordingly as much as possible. If you’re planning an outdoors wedding during the summer, consider stretching fabric over the dance floor to create shade. If you are having an indoor winter wedding, be sure the parking lot is being shoveled of snow.

how to plan for rain on wedding day

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  1. Creating a Wedding Contact List

It’s only natural that the day of your wedding, there is a lot of stress. ‘Will my dress fit right? Will the DJ play my songs?’ It’s natural to feel anxious, and that’s why it’s important to find ways to stay calm on your wedding day. One key method is to prepare ahead of time for any needs you can think of. Make a contact list with all of the vendors’ and attendees’ phone numbers, in case something comes up. Hopefully you will not need to use this list, however having it ready will help put you at ease.


  1. Checking Up With Vendors

You are going to want to be checking up with all vendors the day before the wedding. This may be a good task to assign to friends and family members helping you prepare. The caller will want to confirm that the vendors have the correct details including time of arrival, the precise location, and your personal contact information. If you meet with vendors in person, this would be a good time to give them the list mentioned earlier. Make sure that no details are missed.

getting friends to help you contact wedding vendors

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  1. Enjoying Your Wedding Day

We’re at the final, but possibly the most difficult step. Enjoy your wedding for what it is! Now wait, don’t get us wrong, it won’t be difficult to enjoy the celebration, the dancing, and the toasts—that’s all great! The challenge is to let go and enjoy it even when things don’t go exactly as planned. Don’t be a perfectionist! You may need some words of encouragement to prepare for your wedding day, you may need a hug before it all begins, but trust us, once the ball is rolling, it will all be worth it.

enjoying your own wedding day

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