Top Wedding Etiquette Questions from Brides

Planning a wedding is both hectic and exciting. The bride wants her special day to be perfect, but she does not want to forget to show courtesy to those that help her and the people that attend the wedding. That is why it is always a good idea for a bride to be mindful of proper wedding etiquette as she prepares for the big day.

The top etiquette tips for putting on the perfect wedding; covers everything from preparing for the wedding to making sure that the wedding and reception goes off without a hitch. If a bride wants to get people excited about helping her prepare her wedding, then she should learn the rules of etiquette that everyone will expect her to follow.

What is the best way to tell people that children cannot be brought to a wedding?

Some people try to bring their children to weddings because they feel it is something the children should experience, or they just do not feel like investing in a babysitter. Most couples do not want children at their wedding, but they do not know how to respectfully tell attendees to leave their children at home.

Top Wedding Etiquette Questions from Brides

To help soften the blow, a bride and groom should include a quick handwritten note in with the invitations that explains that, while children are wonderful and important, the ceremony and reception are adult only. If the invitations are sent out far enough in advance and the message is written in a humble manner, then this should not be a problem.

What if I want to invite my ex-spouse to my wedding?

There is a growing number of couples who are finding life much easier if they just maintain an amicable relationship with their ex-spouse. Some even go so far as to remain close friends with an ex. While that sort of arrangement is great for the children, it is not so great when it comes to a wedding.

Inviting an ex-spouse to a wedding can be uncomfortable for your future spouse and many of your guests. As beneficial as a good relationship with your ex may be, having them at your wedding should be a joint decision between you and your spouse. Try to discuss the situation openly and honestly while being constructive.  But remember, you should be respectful about your future spouses wishes.

Can I have an odd number of ushers or bridesmaids?

It can happen that the bride may want four bridesmaids but the groom insists on having five ushers. This can seem like a potential calamity at first, but it is actually not as big of a problem as people may think.

Wedding Etiquette for Brides

If your wedding parties are not even, then simply have the extra attendant lead the wedding party down the aisle. For example, if you have an extra usher, then have that usher walk down the aisle slightly ahead of the ushers and bridesmaids that have been paired together.

Do I really have to feed the band, photographer and reverend at the reception?

Offering free food to the people working at your reception can be a sticky subject, especially if your reception is being charged by the plate. Most wedding bands put food in their contract, so you cannot get around it. The best approach is to plan on offering a plate to the band, photographer and reverend at your reception. If they know that they will be getting fed, then you may get better service.

Wedding Guest Invitations

One thing to keep in mind is that the band, photographer and any other people actually working the reception should not have access to alcoholic beverages. The open bar is costing you a lot of money, and you do not need a drunk band or photographer ruining your reception.

When Should I Send Thank-You Notes?

When people give wedding gifts and attend a wedding reception, there is an unwritten understanding that the bride and the groom will be unavailable for a week or two after the wedding because of the honeymoon. But when the bride and groom get home from the honeymoon, people will be expecting their thank-you note.

Start writing your thank-you notes as soon as you get home from your honeymoon and work to get the notes out in the mail by the end of that week. A thank-you note should be gracious and appreciative, and you should mention the gift by name. Always write the thank-you notes by hand and make sure the writing is legible.

There are always a lot of questions that couples have when they are planning a wedding. The best approach is to get experienced advice from people you trust who have either helped to plan a lot of weddings, or have been part of a lot of weddings. Experience will always get you the best advice when planning your special day.

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