Bridesmaid Gifts Under $20

Sprinkles cupcakes

Your bridesmaids are some of the most important people in your life, not just on your wedding day. They are your support system and your closest friends, and they’re the ones that will be there through all the excitement, jitters and nerves on the most important day of your life. To thank them for taking on this important role in both your wedding and your life, we’ve gathered 10 ideas for unique and special gifts for your bridesmaids that are less than $20.

Personalized travel bags – $18

There is no such thing as having too many bags. Makeup bags and travel bags are great bridesmaid gifts, and many websites offer personalized bags at a reasonable price. If your budget allows you to spend a little bit more, you can put a few of your bridesmaids’ favorite cosmetics into the bag for an extra special gift.

Personalized travel bags

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Picture frames and scrapbooks – $18

Because each of your bridesmaids has been an integral part of your life, you are bound to have many photos of the two of you. Select one of your favorites, or choose several to create a collage, and pick up a picture frame or scrapbook at your local arts and crafts store. You can be as creative as you want with these do-it-yourself projects, and since each one is handmade, your bridesmaids will be sure to appreciate the time and effort you spent to create each gift.

Multiple picture frames

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Engraved wine glasses – $13

Another fantastic personalized gift is an engraved wine glass. You can engrave each bridesmaid’s initials in a monogram, or their names, or even a nickname or inside joke. Feel free to get personal with these as they’ll serve as a memento of the fun times you spent together. If wine isn’t your bridesmaid’s drink of choice, you can engrave a beer stein or pilsner glass instead.

Personalized wine glass

Photo Credit: Things Remembered


Mani pedi kits – $15

A great DIY gift would be putting together mani pedi kits for your gals. You’ll need a bottle of nail polish, cotton balls, cotton swabs, toe separators, nail clippers, a nail file, a small container of nail polish remover and a bag to contain it all. All of these items can be purchased at your local drugstore

Mani pedi gift set

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Spa in a jar facial scrubs – $5

Another awesome DIY present are these “spa in a jar” scrubs. These are super easy to make and you most likely already have most of the ingredients sitting in your pantry. For example, try out a maple brown sugar scrub that consists of brown sugar, olive oil and maple extract. Or try a sugar hand scrub that’s made out of sugar and liquid hand soap. There are tons of great DIY recipes online for spa treatments that use ingredients you may already have, making these feel extra fancy but cost you next to nothing!

Sugar hand scrub DIY

Photo Credit: The Gunny Sack

Fun jewelry – $9

It’s always a tricky task to buy jewelry for women, and you don’t want to buy something tacky that your girls will feel obligated to wear. If you want to go the jewelry route, why not buy something fun like a statement necklace or charm bracelet that will serve as a nice keepsake as well as something wearable? Statement necklaces are so trendy right now and you can find tons of gorgeous necklaces for $10 or less. Charm bracelets can be found on many websites and you can fill them up with charms that are unique to each of your bridesmaids.

Statement necklace

Photo Credit: Etsy


Flasks, travel mugs, water bottles or other beverage container of choice – $15

Personalized beverage containers are not only fun, but very practical as well. If your girlfriends are known coffee-holics, personalized travel mugs would be a perfect thank you gift. If they’re more the boozy type, personalized flasks would be cute and handy. Water bottles and other beverage containers would all make great personalized presents.
Personalized glitter flask

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Coffee/tea sets – $20

If your girls are into fancy coffee or tea, putting together nice coffee or tea sets for them would be a fantastic way to say thank you. Pick up a few different selections of gourmet and exotic coffee beans and tea leaves and wrap them up in a nice basket.

Coffee gift basket

Photo Credit: Ruffled


Bath sets – $15

Create bath sets by including nice soaps and lotions in addition to your homemade bath and hand scrubs. You can also add a loofah, lip balm, bath salts, bubble bath and so much more. Buy travel sized everything for about a dollar each to make lovely bath sets for each of your girls.

DIY bath gift set

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Sweet treats – $10

Everyone likes a sweet treat, so why not give your bridesmaids homemade or store-bought baked goods? If you’re not the most avid baker, you can purchase gourmet cupcakes or cookies from a store and easily stay within your budget. Homemade treats are a sweet way to tell your bridesmaids how much you appreciate them.

Sprinkles cupcakes

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