How to Prepare for your Outdoors Wedding

Being wed in an outdoor setting is one of the most natural and beautiful ways for a couple to begin their married life together. However, brides who choose outdoor ceremonies must prepare themselves for situations that other brides may not need to consider. Most of these problems can be easily combated. Brides simply need to have plans in place to counter possible issues that may arise on the special day.

Wedding Outdoors Prepared

Uncooperative Weather

Weather can change quickly and without warning. Sudden weather changes are the biggest concern for brides who wish to have their weddings outdoors. The best way to avoid bad weather is to set a wedding date that is in the driest, mildest month of the year. Brides should also consider having an indoor location reserved as a fallback in case the day becomes rainy, very windy, extremely hot, or uncomfortably cold. Conversely, some brides opt to have umbrellas available for guests and members of the wedding party. Brides can rent umbrellas for the occasion. Umbrellas can also be purchased and given as lovely wedding favors.

Alternative seating arrangements for outdoor weddings can help fight poor weather conditions as well. Many brides utilize tents so that they may have formal seating in an outdoor setting. Another option is to buck the traditional seating arrangements and instead allow guests to sit at tables that are covered with large, decorative canopies and umbrellas. This keeps guests comfortable and protected from heat and rain.

Uninvited Guests

Outdoor weddings create an atmosphere that is open to uninvited guests of the four-legged variety. Weddings in nature can be invaded by stray dogs, squirrels, rabbits, and a host of other pests that can turn a special day into a disaster. Brides should strive to reserve areas that are specifically geared for special events. Proprietors of these venues should have a plan in place to keep animals away. If a bride prefers to be wed in a less formal outdoor setting, she should make sure that the spot she chooses is safe and not widely trafficked by animals. Likewise, the wedding cake and any reception food should be kept in an indoor location away from temptation.
Flying pests can also turn a wedding day upside down. The smell of bug spray can overshadow an elegant affair, but citronella candles can work wonders to keep flying bugs away. These candles can serve as table centerpieces and lovely ceremony decor as well.

Unexpected Reactions

Allergies can be a serious problems for members of the wedding party as well as guests. Spring weddings are beautiful, but seasonal allergies can make them very difficult to enjoy. The bride should ask each member of the bridal party if they are susceptible to seasonal allergies prior to planning an outdoor wedding. She should also make sure that guests are well aware that they will be seated outside so that they may plan accordingly.

Prepare for an Outdoors Wedding

Unprepared Attendants

Wedding attendants offer the most help in emergency situations. The bride should speak with each of her attendants prior to the ceremony to ask them to help with problem solving. The bride can divide duties between her attendants. She may ask one to be in charge of contacting the venue’s supervisor and another to be in charge of keeping the citronella candles lit and so on. Otherwise, she may decide to go over each possible scenario with attendants so that they can be prepared for anything that might come their way.

Attendants should also be made familiar with any indoor spaces that may be utilized. If possible, attendants should rehearse both indoors and outdoors in case the wedding needs to be moved at the last minute.

Brides should not avoid outdoor weddings simply because of the existence of possible problems. Instead, a bride should choose the venue that is most attractive and meaningful to her. As long as she is able to plan for these problems, she can have the wedding of her dreams despite any obstacles that may come her way.

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