10 Ways to Save Money on Your Honeymoon

honeymoon budget tips
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Your honeymoon is the perfect chance to plan a grand vacation for the two of you before settling into the routine of your married life together. We’re all for going big and splurging on this exciting, celebratory vacay, but if you’re on a tight budget, or simply want to find ways to save some extra cash, here are some great tips for saving big bucks on your honeymoon trip.

1. Add your honeymoon to your registry

A new set of kitchen knives and a dishtowel in every color are great, don’t get us wrong, but if you really want to make your honeymoon budget your friend, it’s a great idea to make your honeymoon fund part of your wedding registry. By setting up a honeymoon registry, (hello honeyfund.com and travelersjoy.com) you can easily create a way for your guests to contribute some cash to your honeymoon instead of buying your a wedding gift. If having an amazing honeymoon experience is something that is very important to you and your fiancé, this is a great way to make sure that you focus on having a wonderful experience and making great memories. You can worry about your pots and pans later.

2. Spend on what matters to you

Discuss with your partner and find out what truly matters to the two of you in terms of your honeymoon experience. If there are certain luxuries (for example, upgrading your plane tickets to first class) you can go without, work these out in your budget so that you can spend these saved dollars on other things that are more important to you, like dining at the romantic, 5-star rooftop restaurant down the street from your hotel. Remember, this trip is a time where the two of you will create such wonderful, lifelong memories to share, so make sure you plan the perfect honeymoon for you, your way.

3. Get a honeymoon package or all-inclusive spot

Look into all-inclusive resorts or hotels that offer honeymoon packages if you’re planning your honeymoon on a budget. This way, you know exactly what you’re spending and don’t have to worry about budgeting along the trip. These deals are the perfect choice for people who want a real #treatyourself kind of honeymoon vacation, as you will get to drink, eat, and relax as much as you please.

honeymoon budget tips

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4. Use public transportation

It may seem like an effort to plan and coordinate with train system times or bus stops, but using public transportation in lieu of taxi rides can really help keep your budget efficient. It may seem intimidating to attempt to tackle a foreign transportation system, but with a little research and learning how to plan your honeymoon efficiently (Google Maps is your friend), you can master it and feel like a local in no time! Not only will you save money, but you will save lots of time as well: buses and metro lines are the quickest ways to get places in a congested city. Your smart phone and guide to the city will be very helpful and are definitely must-haves when packing for your honeymoon.

5. Avoid peak season

Peak season, or high season, is a time when a vacation destination is the most popular and tourists flood to its gates like ants to a sugar cube. High popularity means high prices, so everything is more expensive – and not to mention more crowded. If you can plan your honeymoon at the perfect point, at low season or right in between high and low season, you’re likely to get a better bargain with more reasonable prices. Not only will your budget thank you, but your stress levels will too, as you’ll get to avoid crowds and scrambling to wait in long lines while on your exotic honeymoon destination.

honeymoon budget

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6. Get more bang for your buck

Planning your honeymoon at a destination with a poor currency exchange rate from the U.S. dollar can really take a toll on your honeymoon budget (we’re looking at you, Europe). Keep your eye out for vacation spots where the dollar has more value, like Thailand, Mexico, or Iceland. This way, you can spend more without worrying and make the most of your honeymoon vacation time.

7. Say no to the hotel

For a more intimate and unique experience, explore the option of staying in a vacation rental home or condo. Instead of feeling like another 1 in a million hotel goers, you can plan a special stay with more secluded, personal accommodations. It will likely be less expensive than a hotel and will give you and your partner a more immersed feel for the destination as well as more personal space (rentals usually include a kitchen space and living room). As an added bonus, having your own kitchen will allow you to do any cooking you may want to, which will certainly help you save big on your budget.

8. Snag some snacks for the trip

Preparing a few meals throughout your trip can really make your honeymoon budget-friendly. Even just packing a few snacks like a quick, on-the-go breakfast before your hike or a few bananas to have during your tour to avoid getting hangry can really help save you time and money. Instead of having to stop your plan for the day to pop into a nearby store for a snack, you can stick to your schedule and do everything you planned. This is especially an important tip if you’re embarking on a honeymoon road trip, since you won’t always the time or place to stop for food. Saving doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice, either! Pick up bread, cheese, and fruit at the local grocer and plan a picnic date in the park for a fun (and secretly budget-friendly) meal.

honeymoon budget tips

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9. Get the inside scoop from locals

Whether you talk to the local baker or your college roommate who studied abroad at your honeymoon destination, ask someone who knows the ropes of the town for their favorite spots. More than likely, it’s an off-the-radar spot that won’t be bustling with tourists like every other place and will be reasonably priced.

10. Mention you’re newlyweds

Dropping a hint to the hotel concierge that you’re planning your stay as newlyweds will likely get you some fancy and free extras. Heck, mention that you’re on your honeymoon to anyone you encounter while on your trip – bartenders, waiters, baristas, you name it – and there’s a good chance you’ll get hooked up with some sweet deals.

honeymoon on a budget

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Your honeymoon is a wonderful, exciting event that marks the beginning of the journey in which you and your partner are about to venture. It’s important to plan a honeymoon trip that is just right for the both of you, and if that means saving some money while embarking on a romantic adventure together, then so be it! We hope these tips helped you plan your honeymoon on a budget.

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