7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary This Year

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Your wedding anniversary is a very special, important time to celebrate with your partner. Although Valentine’s Day provides lovely alone time together, fun dates, and wonderful gifts, your anniversary is a time that you and your partner get to spend celebrating each other and the bond you have, without any guidelines or expectations. Your anniversary is meant to be celebrated your way, by spending time together and doing things that are unique and special to the both of you. If you need some inspiration for a date activity to do this year, here are 7 great ideas!

1. Create a new tradition

To add a twist of something new to your anniversary celebration, you can start a new ritual that you two will do every year. For example, you can create an anniversary journal in which you each write an entry every year, reflecting on your celebration activities and new memories. You can also do something as simple as a bike ride downtown or buying a bottle of wine that you can save to enjoy on next year’s anniversary. Another great idea is to write love letters to each other that you will open and read on next year’s anniversary, throwing in any hopes or aspirations you have for this next year together. Adding something new to your anniversary agenda will allow you to have some structure to the day and look forward to next year’s celebration.


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2. Choose romance over ritz

If you’ve had a handful of wedding anniversary celebrations with your partner, chances are you’ve gone out for dinner or drinks many times over the past years. Make this year’s anniversary extra special by planning an outing to a spot that has meaning for the two of you. Perhaps it could be the place that serves your favorite dessert, where you two had your first date, or a restaurant that serves a dish you both have been dying to try. Even if it’s as simple as enjoying ice cream cones on a walk through the park where you first met, picking an activity or place with sentimental value over something fancy will truly make the evening special.


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3. Take a walk down memory lane

One of the best ways to spend your anniversary is by sitting down with your partner to remember and relive the special memories of your wedding day. Regardless of if your wedding day was 2 or 20 years ago, your anniversary is the perfect time to open up your wedding album and laugh (or maybe even cry happy tears) about the memories. Pour some glasses of wine and pop in your wedding video so you two can relive all the wonderful, heartwarming emotions that you felt on that day. Reliving these moments will make you feel strongly connected to your partner and appreciative of the journey you two have made together.


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4. Make something together

If you two are caught up in the monotony of dinner dates at the same restaurant, get creative in the kitchen together! Find a recipe that you both will enjoy, throw on your aprons, and get ready to cook up a storm. You can even recreate the dishes from your wedding menu or your first date! The act of making something together will make you feel connected and rewarded once all your hard work is complete. Even better, you two will have cooked up a wonderful meal that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home with a few glasses of wine. If cooking isn’t your thing, whip up some fancy cocktails and bartend for each other.


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5. Plan a trip

Although it may not be realistic to pack your bags, book a few flights, and escape to Hawaii, (we wish!) a great way to celebrate your wedding anniversary is with a small trip, even if it’s only for a single day. By getting out of your normal routines and spending some quality time with each other, you will be able to rekindle some romance while having fun exploring a new place. Escaping your everyday stressors of life will allow you to enjoy some relaxation time and focus on each other. Plan a bike ride, outdoor hiking activity, or camping trip if you’re crunched for time.


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6. Try something new

Whether it’s buying tickets to a local play production, going bowling, playing mini golf surrounded by preteens, or signing up for a dancing class, trying something new can bring a wonderful spark to your anniversary celebration. The two of you will make unique memories this year that you will never forget, and even if the outing isn’t exactly what you expect it to be, (which dance classes are?) you will have a great story to tell and laugh about later.


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7. Treat yourself

If you two have been having an extra busy year, make this date a special time where you both can choose an activity that will give you some much needed relaxation time, while spending the day together. Book a couples’ massage, take each other shopping, or order delivery food while you pop in your favorite movie. Whatever your definition of treating yourself is, plan this time to unwind together.


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Your anniversary is a wonderful time of the year where you can celebrate the relationship you two have worked so hard on and made so many amazing memories from. Along with the meaningful anniversary gifts you will give one another, plan something special with these creative anniversary date ideas that will allow you two to make memories and enjoy the immense amount of love you share together.


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