How to Create the Perfect Wedding Registry

Things You Might Forget on Your Wedding Registry
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In the midst of planning your perfect wedding, you’re set with the task of dreaming of things you want to add to your future home and creating your wedding registry to reflect the things you want and need. You want to make sure that it’s a perfect combination of both of you with a little flare of individuality. While Pinterest looms over you with an overwhelming amount of ideas, we want to make sure that you are covered with the basic rules of thumb, the essentials, and some fun alternatives if you have all you need!

Taking the Pressure Off of Your Wedding Guests

Your family and friends love being a part of your wedding and your life. But sometimes, they want to contribute to your future home as well. In these cases, you want to make sure you give the option to those who can and want to, while not pressuring those who want to but can’t. Most wedding experts will suggest putting your registries on your invitations. Instead, create your wedding website and include your link to take the pressure off of your guests and let them make the ultimate decision.

Wedding Website

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Wedding Registry Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding registries are getting easier as technology makes everything more accessible. Whether you’re heading to a major retail store to register or doing most of your shopping online, you’re now able to create a lot of options for your guests. They want to find you the right present, so make sure you offer a variety that will be accessible and affordable for everyone. With that in mind, here are a few tips while creating your wedding registry:

DON’T Add Expensive Items (such as large furniture or televisions)

DO Include affordable items that may add up allowing either one person or a few people to buy.

DON’T Include personal items that are on your wish list

DO Remember that this is about both you so only include items that you and your spouse will use

DON’T Limit options to only online stores

DO Register at stores that offer online as well as in the store options. One option is MyRegistry that allows you register for a lot of stores on one site in the comfort of your own home.

DON’T Avoid creating a registry or else your guests will guess what you want/need and you’ll get things that will be unimportant to you.

gift table

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Things You Might Forget on Your Wedding Registry

First step is to take inventory of what you already have and what you want.

Note: going from room to room is extremely helpful in this process! From there you’ll start your list with the things that may immediately come to mind. Whether that be pots, pans, linens, furniture, picture frames, etc., guaranteed there are going to be some items that slip through the cracks and may not be as obvious.

Here are some items that you may not need right away but you’ll be glad you have:

  • A cast iron Dutch Oven – we promise you’ll thank us later on this one
  • Guest stuff – extra sheets, air mattresses, pillows, blankets, towels
  • Storage – again you’re welcome! You will be so glad that you start off organized
  • Outdoor things – a lawn mower, leaf blower, patio furniture
  • A slap chop – saving you a lot of time on chopping and your eyes from onion tears.

guest room decor

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Breaking the Mold on Wedding Etiquette

You may already have created a home together or you have everything you’ll ever need and now you’re figuring out how to even create a registry. Don’t worry, a lot of couples are coming up with alternatives so guests can still have the option to contribute. These are some of our favorites:

  • Creating a Honeyfund- where guests can help contribute to your honeymoon and some activities you may want to do.
  • Investing in a wedding album-where you and your guests can relive your big day for the rest of your lives.
  • Charity Donation Requests- pick your favorite nonprofits and have guests donate in your honor
  • Sponsored Date Nights- come up with different dates and have the options for restaurant gift cards, hotel room vouchers, etc.
  • Big Ticket Items- similar to the style of the honey fund where multiple guests can help contribute.
  • Cash- for the items that you may think of after your wedding. Many brides opt for a cash registry for the obvious flexibility.

Odds and Ends

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While planning and thinking of your new life as a married couple may sound daunting at first, we hope you are now feeling a little more relaxed and even more excited about the future. The most important part is to kick back and have fun with it! Just remember, don’t forget to say thank you after your wedding! Happy shopping you love birds!

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