5 Reasons Why Brides Want A Cash Registry

cash registry for weddings

The modern bride has different wants and needs than her mother and grandmothers. Many brides to be have established a home with their partner and have goals beyond a fancy china cabinet. Although traditional wedding gifts are still appreciated, many couples no longer truly need glassware, bedding or toaster ovens to start married life together. Instead, they need cash. Cash gift registry popularity for weddings is growing quickly. Here are five reasons why today’s brides choose cash gift registries:


With a cash gift wedding registry, a bride has options. Cash never goes out of style, so she doesn’t need to stress over deciding which pattern or colors to choose before registering. Instead, she can make that decision later with her partner. Many brides plan to use cash wedding gifts toward big purchases or plans with their spouse such as a new home, a nest
egg, or even a nursery.

cash registry


While the practice of gifting cash to newlyweds is not unconventional, the idea of using an online cash gift registry is certainly new. Some people question the security of an online cash gift registry, but it’s actually much safer than bringing large envelopes of cash and checks to the wedding venue. Unfortunately, while everyone is enjoying the reception, it becomes very easy for a malicious guest or employee to slip cash gifts into a purse or suit jacket. Wedding gift theft happens more often than we think, and the great thing about having an online cash gift registry with Bowl of Cherries is that gifts are 100% secure. In fact, friends, families, and newlywed couples are not liable for any theft.


Creating an online cash gift registry for a wedding is easy. Brides can create a customized wedding website within their cash gift registry in order to make sharing information with guests easy and accessible. This all-in-one approach to digital wedding information is very user friendly. Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful, detailed events a bride will do in her life. The challenges are unique because the big day is all about the bride – not a client or friend. Anything that makes a bride’s job easier while still maintaining the integrity of the event is preferred. A Bowl of Cherries cash gift registry is one of those things that takes multiple items off the bride’s to-do list with minimal effort. Brides can even share photos of the wedding after the event right from their cash gift registry wedding website.

cash registry for weddings

No Returns/Exchanges

Let’s face it: cash is one size fits all. No matter the amount, each dollar adds up to a generous gift that does not need to be returned or exchanged. With an online cash gift registry, the bride won’t even have to make a trip to the bank in order to use her gifts. After months of planning the perfect wedding, the bride will genuinely thank you for giving her the gift of relaxation.


Most cash gifts are available in the bride’s checking or savings account within 24 hours of being gifted. This is an incredible use of technology that allows both the gift giver and receiver to benefit. If someone waits until the last minute or forgets to give a cash gift at the wedding, the bride will still be able to use the funds on her honeymoon if a guest leaves the wedding and gifts later. Another speed benefit for the bride is that she can write her
thank you cards before the big day and have her maid of honor send them out on her honeymoon, making sure she doesn’t forget to tell guests how much she appreciated the
generous cash gifts.

Cash gift registries are quickly becoming a favorite among brides because of the many benefits and advantages over traditional wedding registries. With versatility, security, and simplicity topping the list, it’s easy to see why brides love online cash gift registries. At Bowl of Cherries, we love helping brides meet their goals aesthetically and financially. Check out our gorgeous cash gift registry wedding websites and bride-friendly policies – like the fact
that there are no fees for the bride. We also have a great blog with wedding tips and cash gift registry facts. See you soon and happy wedding planning!

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