Decoration Ideas for Same-Sex Weddings

Same Sex Wedding Photos

As you plan for your same-sex wedding, you will need to decide which traditional décor to integrate into your big day and which wedding customs you will add your own twist to. There are many creative ways to add a personal touch into otherwise unfitting decorations to romantically celebrate your love. We’ve put together some great wedding décor ideas for you and your fiancé to customize and incorporate into your big day.

Lesbian Wedding Photos

Photo Credit: Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

The Ceremony

Once your guests have arrived and the hellos and welcomes have been shared, everyone will gather for your ceremony. While in some traditional weddings the ceremony seating is split by sides (“the bride” and “the groom” sides), many couples choose to opt out of this seating arrangement. If you fall into the category of those who choose not to divide the sides, let your guests know in a fun way. As your loved ones arrive, ready to hear your romantic wedding vows and witness this special moment, welcome them with fun signs to let them know that there are no planned seating assignments. There are many cute ways to get creative with this sweet welcome note.

Same Sex Wedding Decor

Photo Credit: Jillian Rose Photography

Same Sex Wedding Decoration

Photo Credit: Michelle Lyttle Photography

Chair Signs

You may have seen in weddings that some couples choose to decorate their chairs with cute and classy signs. But who said that you need a bride and a groom to label and customize your chairs for the day? The couples below adopted the chair-decorating idea and personalized it for themselves. To include this sweet idea into your wedding, you can make signs yourself or buy them pre-made.

Same Sex Decor Ideas

Photo Credit: Rustic Daisy Design

Lesbian Weddings Decoration

Photo Credit: Life Long Studios

Lesbian Weddings
Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

Photo Credit: Kerry Ann Duffy Photography

Cake Toppers

Wedding cakes are fun and delicious and should be completely yours. Once you’ve sat down for cake tasting, chosen your perfect design and fallen in love with the cake, add a personal touch with a wedding topper of you and your fiancé. Your cake topper can be elegant, classy or playful; it may be a silhouette, cake poppers in the shape of two birds standing side by side or an animated version of the two of you. Whichever idea you love best, choose something that will fit you and your spouse-to-be and make you smile on your big day.

Gay Wedding Cake Toppers

Photo Credit: Rui Viera Photography

Lesbian Wedding Cake Topper

Photo Credit: Etsy

Animated Decorations

Add some creativity into your wedding decoration with fun animations! Whether it’s animated pictures or figures of yourselves, your family and friends, cute animals or fictional creatures, animations are an adorable way to personalize your décor. These signs can be place at the entrance of your venue, on tables at your reception, or in your wedding invitations.

Same Sex Decorations

Photo Credit: Art Fire


Have you thought about what you want your centerpieces to look like? There are so many ways to incorporate personal decorations into this piece of your wedding. Just like with your wedding topper, you can choose whether you want your centerpieces to be elegant, playful, creative or classics.

SameSex Wedding

Photo Credit: Gathrin

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the most fun parts of the exciting wedding process. This is your opportunity to truly play around with silly, classy and beautiful concepts and let your creativity shine. Together with your photographer and fiancé, come up with specific shots and ideas that will make your wedding photos artistic, romantic and personal. Have fun with it and don’t hold back just being you! For inspiration, research classic wedding shots, as well as unique wedding photo ideas.

Gay Wedding Decor

Photo Credit: Rhapsody Road Photography

Lesbian Wedding Decor

Photo Credit: Rhapsody Road Photography

Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations are another great place to let your creativity and personalities come through. There are countless invitation templates and formats to sift through in order to find the one that fits you best. Along with picking the template, play around with different design options. You may choose to go with an animated invitation or you may prefer to include a romantic engagement photo. If you like the idea of animations, consider including silhouettes or sketches of tuxedos, top hats, bow ties, dresses, heals, birds or two faces looking at one another.

Gay Wedding Invitations

Photo Credit: Zazzle Cards

When choosing your wedding decorations, there are so many ways for you to take otherwise traditional and sometimes irrelevant ideas and make them your own. Use your creativity and personalities to add a unique and intimate touch throughout your wedding venue. Seeing your personalized decorations on the day of your wedding will be another reminder of the amazing reasons for celebration and the exciting decision to commit yourself to the love of your life. Don’t be afraid to get playful and truly have fun with planning your wedding décor!

Same Sex Wedding

Photo Credit: Megan Moura Photography

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