Chic Wedding Decoration Ideas

Modern Wedding Glam

There are a million and one ways to incorporate a wedding theme into your venue. Whether you choose to take a subtle color scheme approach or a fully committed all-in theme, there’s a way to embed your vision into your big day. While vintage themes are popular, recently there has been a rise in a modern chic trend. We have brought together chic wedding decorations done right for your inspiration.

Play with Shapes and Sizes

One way to keep your wedding theme chic and interesting is by embedding different sizes and shapes into your wedding decorations and reception centerpieces. Without necessarily throwing off the symmetry or balance, mix things up for a unique and playful style.

Chic Wedding Decorations

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Keep your wedding modern by combining matching bold colors. Oranges, yellows, reds and purples are great for a chic wedding theme. This can include your centerpieces, place cards, wedding cake decorations or the overall décor.

Brida Wedding ThemesChic Modern Wedding Reception

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Wedding Reception Decor

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Mismatch Bridesmaids Dresses

Your bridesmaids are all different sizes and shapes, so why shouldn’t their dresses be too? Even if you want your bridesmaid dresses to match in color, that does not mean they have to match in shape. The different types of dresses in your bridal party will not only help your girls feel more comfortable, but it will also add to your unique theme.

Modern Wedding Theme

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Another way to up the modern chic theme of your wedding is by having lots of glass decorations! Of course, you don’t want that to end up in broken glass everywhere, especially if there will be children at the wedding, so make sure these decorations are out of reach or too grand to fiddle with. You can search for a venue with glass walls, use ghost chairs at the reception or ceremony, have chandelier lighting or have a glass case for cards at your gift table.

Unique Wedding Decoration Ideas

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Chic Modern Wedding Decor

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Another key in a great modern chic themed wedding is loud floral décor. While it’s true that flowers are great for decorating any wedding venue, modern-themed weddings generally have big arrangements with fun colors or alternatively, long and surprisingly simple (but still unique) plants.

Modern Wedding Theme Decorations

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Chic Wedding Decor

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Another way to bring a chic theme to your wedding is by upping the glam. Add some gold, silver and maybe glitter to your decorations for a modern glamorous touch—but be careful! When not done properly, glitter and gold can make otherwise nice decorations, look tacky. Consider going with a toned-down glam by replacing glitter with a lot of candles and lights.

Modern Wedding Glam

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Wedding Reception Theme Decorations

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Black and White

While modern and chic tends to be associated with bold colors, you can change up the guest dress code by throwing in a white and black attire theme. This will create a stark difference from traditional wedding looks. You can also create a black and white theme with your wedding décor.

Modern Wedding Decor

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No matter what your style is, if you want your wedding to have a chic touch, it can be done! Decide whether to fully commit the decorations or keep your theme subtle and then go with it.

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