10 Wedding Invitations Styles to Get Inspired By

Unique Wedding Invitations
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While some couples prefer to keep their wedding invitations simple, others decide to get creative. There are so many directions you can choose to take with your invitation. If you don’t know which style to go with, jump on the Internet and research what’s out there. To get you started, we’ve brought together 10 creative wedding invitation styles to get inspired by.


Letterpress printing is a technique that creates a hard, raised surface. This is one of the most popular types of wedding invitation. There are so many styles, colors and fonts to choose from once you have decided on letterpress invitations.

Wedding Invitation Design

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When it comes to customize-made wedding invitations, you can choose exactly how personal you want to get with it. If you are both wine lovers, you can create a wine-themed invitation. If you have a friend who is a great artist, you can have him/her draw a cartoon version of the two of you, which you can print on the invitation. If you want to make the invitations very personal to the two of you, print your engagement photo on the invitation. While personalized wedding invitations are not cheap, they are unique and leave room for as much creativity as you would like.

Wedding Cards

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Another popular wedding invitation style is turning the clock back for a vintage feel. To achieve this look, you can play with various typography, which uses old-style typefaces and different types of interesting shapes. Vintage invitations are generally black and white or have a sepia tone.

Wedding Invitation Templates

Photo Credit: 21st Bridal

Fairytale Letterpress

If you’re a total romantic, you might be in love with the idea of a fairytale wedding. Invite your friends to your fantasy celebration with a storybook-looking invitation. This can include classic fairytale font, expressions (Once upon a time, happily ever after), pumpkin carriages and/or flowers.

Save the Date Wedding Invitations

Photo Credit: Personalized Wedding Design


Boho-Chic is a fashion style that combines hippie influence with a modern look. Boho-chic wedding invitations tend to include floral decorations and a variety of somewhat pale colors.

Wedding Invitation Styles

Photo Credit: Beloved Designs


Your wedding is going to have a nice color scheme, so why shouldn’t your wedding invitations? Get artistic with watercolor wedding invitations. This cool style will make your wedding cards unique and fun. You can choose a youthful looks with streaks and blots or an elegant gentle look.

Wedding Invitation Wording

Photo Credit: Invitation Crush


To mix things up, create a wedding invitation with a modern twist. Similarly to modern-chic wedding decorations, add bright colors, bring together different types of shapes and maybe even add some stripes.

Wedding Invitation Ideas

Photo Credit: Wedding Paper Divas

Travel-Inspired Destination Wedding

If you’ve opted for a destination wedding, bring your wedding invitations along for the ride. Make destination-wedding invitations by choosing styles that look like post cards, plane tickets or airmail. You can also include graphics of planes or boats to really push the point.

Creative Wedding Invitations

Photo Credit: Etsy


While rustic may sound a bit like vintage, the two are actually quite different. Rustic wedding invitations tend to be printed on brown paper and are often wrapped with white lace. The font and overall format tends to be simple.

Unique Wedding Invitations

Photo Credit: Wedding Invitation Boutique


Some couples prefer putting all of their creative energy into their wedding planning and instead keeping the invitations simple. Minimalistic wedding invitations have their own kind of elegance to them. Even within this format, you can choose how much color or playfulness to put into your invitation.

Simple Wedding Invitations

Photo Credit: Coronet Publications

There are so many directions you can take when inviting your friends and family to your big day. Keep in mind that while picking out and designing your invitation is an exciting official wedding task to take on, you shouldn’t feel too much pressure to have it be perfect—after all, the style of your invitations doesn’t need to be representative of your wedding day! For tips on how to word your wedding invitations, check out this helpful invitation-writing guide.


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