8 Creative Wedding Exit Ideas to Add Magic to Your Big Day


Your wedding night is filled with magical moments that make the evening unforgettable for not only you and your partner, but all your loved ones who attend. You’ve worked so hard to create the evening of your dreams and all your efforts are wonderfully coming to life! By the time the end of your wedding finally arrives, you want your exit to wrap up the whole night in a magical manner that everyone will remember.

We’ve found some of the most exciting and amazing wedding exit ideas. Some are better for nighttime weddings while others fit perfectly for daytime affairs, so we hope you can find the one that’s just right for you special day!

Flower petals

Perfect for a wedding during any season, throwing flower petals as a wedding send-off celebration is a splendid idea. Given there are so many flowers at your wedding already, extra petals are certainly easy to come by. They create a whimsical, romantic exit that is easy to organize and is all natural, so it doesn’t require any cleanup. You can ask your florist to fill paper cups or bags with flower petals that each guest can receive for the send-off. Choose petals that compliment the theme of your wedding or combine an assortment of vibrant petals to add a pop of color! Remember that these send-offs create a great photo op that your photographer will capture, so you want the petals to photograph well.


Photo Credit: Brett Heidebrecht Photography

Seasonal accents

If flower petals don’t mesh with your wedding theme, some seasonal materials will certainly bring a delightful pop to your wedding exit. Dried leaves during fall or fake snowflakes during winter can be the perfect touch to celebrate your exit from your wedding. These accents are great because they tie in the season of your wedding which makes for great photographs to go into your wedding album.


Photo Credit: Heidi Ryder Photography


A classic celebratory confection, confetti always works wonders at any wedding exit. They are available in push-pop containers which make it easy for guests or can be assembled into paper cups. There are numerous types and styles of confetti, so it will be fun to find the perfect kind to fit your wedding theme. Keep the environment in mind; for clean-up, confetti may be better used right outside the church doors instead of on grass or near bodies of water. However, there is ecofriendly confetti you can find that’s biodegradable!


Photo Credit: Carlton Adkins


An sweet alternative to the classic send-off of rice, sprinkles add a fun pop of color to your wedding exit. Certainly easy to come by and simple to organize, sprinkles are a great option that photograph excellently. They are the perfect size so they don’t take over the picture or distort any faces, but definitely add a colorful touch and create an amazing scene.


Photo Credit: Jessica Fike Photography


For a summer soiree, bubbles add a playful accent to your wedding send-off that is easy, inexpensive, and clean up-free! Since they pop on impact, they won’t add any clutter to your wedding photographs and will create an iridescent, joyous scene. On top of that, if you are planning on having kids attend your wedding, they add an element of fun that youngsters, and everyone for that matter, will love!


Photo Credit: Studio Finch


Another wedding exit idea that is cheerful, enjoyable, and reminiscent of carefree childhood days is a bunch of balloons! You can go for classic white balloons or get an assortment of colors to make for a wonderful exit photo. Guests will certainly enjoy this send-off style and it’s inexpensive and easy to coordinate!


Photo Credit: Landon Jacob Photography

Best for an evening wedding…


A popular choice among many recent brides-to-be, sparklers are an exciting send-off celebration accent that makes for amazing wedding photos. They do require some caution and preparation, as there will be flames involved and you will need to clear these with your wedding wedding venue first. Also, make sure guests know where the sand bucket is so they can safely put out their sparklers after use. However, sparklers are well worth the planning as they bring a romantic and thrilling liveliness to your wedding exit!


Photo Credit: Brian Mullins Photography

Glow sticks

For a fun, upbeat, and energetic send-off, give your guests some glow sticks. Mess-free and easy to use, glow sticks can be waved at night to create an amazing effect that your wedding photographer can capture. Glow sticks certainly kick your party up a notch, are fun for guests, and bring a plethora of colors to your wedding exit photos.


Photo Credit: Dustin Meyer Photography

With all of these wedding exit ideas, keep in mind that you will need to make an announcement to guests, likely in the form of a sign, of when exactly the send-off will be happening. You want to make sure no one misses out on the fun! You can use these ideas right after the ceremony, or at the end of the night for your guests to wish the newlyweds away with an element of fun!


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