Boudoir Photography: A Growing Trend for Valentine’s Day and Weddings


In a survey just conducted by BrideBox Wedding Albums, we found that:

  • 92% of brides have heard of boudoir photography
  • 74.6% have or are considering a boudoir photography session/shoot
  • 23.8% have actually participated in a boudoir photography session/shoot before or within 12 months of their wedding.
  • 82% think that “boudoir photography is a great gift idea for my spouse for our wedding or Valentine’s Day”
  • Are willing to pay for a boudoir photography session/shoot:
    • 73% -$500 and below,
    • 12% – $501-$1000,
    • 2.5% – $1001-$1500,
    • 12.5% – not sure

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is a style of professional photography in which the subject dresses in a provocative style, usually wearing lingerie, and poses in a sensual, seductive manner. This type of photography is an opportunity to show your passion, allure, and femininity while accentuating your sexuality. Boudoir photography is captured in a classy, elegant manner to express your beauty and show your gorgeous physique through stunning photographs. There is a high level of appeal with this style of photography as it allows you to show your intimate side in a private setting, creating a wonderfully sexy and artistic product that makes an excellent gift to share with your loved one.


Photo Credit: The French Boudoir

What Is A Boudoir Photography Shoot?

During a boudoir photography shoot, the subject poses to create looks in which nudity is implied, rather than explicit. To achieve this, you never have to be naked or wear lingerie that is too revealing if you wish not to. In a boudoir photography shoot, you have complete control over what you wear, the style of your poses, and what kind of photos are taken. Remember, this photoshoot is to make you feel special and sexy, so it is styled around you to fit your comfort level. Your photographer is there to respect that and guide you through the shoot with their professional tips and experience.

Boudoir photography shoots are most commonly offered as an add-on service to wedding packages or on their own. Some photographers specialize specifically in boudoir style photography, which makes it easier for you to see if your taste matches their portfolio and whether you will reach an optimal comfort level while working with them. The goal of finding a boudoir photographer is ultimately to find one who makes you feel the most comfortable to express your sensual side.


Photo Credit: Alloria Winter Photography

Accessories That Will Heat Up Your Shoot

Choosing the right attire, hairstyle, makeup, and poses is an important aspect of shooting a boudoir photography session. This includes understanding how to best add accessories that can enhance your photographs and set the tone for the shoot. Whether you’re aiming for cute and playful or sexy and scandalous, selecting the right accessories can help you find the perfect look. Incorporating a bridal theme into your boudoir shoot is a wonderful way to add a classy touch to your photos. Wearing your veil, wedding shoes, jewelry, garter belt, and other accessories can set a lovely scene for the viewer. Stockings and high heels are sexy, must-have accessories that will lengthen and slim your legs and add a sultry look to complete your photoshoot.

There are other accessories that don’t have to be part of your outfit in order to add a special touch to your boudoir photos. Luxurious fur, silk, or other cozy fabrics add a hint of texture and can be draped and wrapped around you to reveal just the right amount of skin. Necklaces are also great accessories that are elegant and allow you to draw attention to your cleavage, creating a focal point of interest around your face while the rest of your body is out of focus. For an accessory that is unique to you and your partner, bring a favorite jersey, button-down work shirt, or jacket of his. He will be excited to see you wearing something of his that will mix up your other traditional boudoir poses and outfits.

pearl necklaces boudoir ideas

Photo Credit: Stephanie Stewart Photography

What To Do With The Photos?

It is popular for many brides-to-be to compile these boudoir photographs in an exquisite album to give their groom-to-be as a wedding day gift. However, they also make great gifts for special holidays or wedding anniversaries as wonderful, exciting treasures for you and your partner to enjoy. This Valentine’s Day, surprise your loved one with a professional, high-quality album that is truly the best way to showcase your boudoir images in a stylish, sleek collection.

bridal boudoir album

We at BrideBox offer professional services that allow you to create your own stunning collection of boudoir photographs in one of our beautiful, timeless albums. Your boudoir images will be elegant and gorgeous, so it’s important to arrange them in an album that is equally as amazing. Our albums, created with your own personal touch, are the best way to preserve and showcase your sexy photos with high-quality photographic paper and vibrant colors that will capture your beauty.

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