Getting the Best Results from Your Boudoir Shoot

boudoir photo album

In order to figure out if a boudoir shoot is right for you, it important to have a good understanding of what bridal boudoir photography is exactly. Many people are under the impression that these shoots require the woman to be naked, which is not necessarily true. How much or how little clothes you wear and how you pose is completely under your control. Boudoir shoots make for great wedding or anniversary gifts for your partner and in a way, for yourself! This photo shoot may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… make sure you are prepared so that you can get the best possible results.

Boudoir Portaits

Photo Credit: Alison Frank

Find the right photographer.

When it comes to your boudoir shoot, the first and most important thing is your comfort. Some women ask their wedding photographer to do their boudoir shoot, while others prefer hiring someone else for this personal shoot. Since boudoir photography has become very common, there are photographers that specialize in it—both male and female of course. Find someone you feel comfortable with so that when the time comes, you are sure to be at ease.

Know what to expect.

Do some research before hand to learn the details. What kind of shots do you want? What background setting appeals to you? What do you want to wear? What accessories and props do you want to bring with you? How do you want your hair and make up done? Getting an idea of what you should expect from your bridal boudoir shoot.

What to wear or not wear.

Like we said before, your comfort is the most important thing in this shoot. Still, for most women, this type of photo shoot is completely new so it might take you out of your comfort zone… in a good way! This shoot is largely about celebrating your beautiful body (yes, your BEAUTIFUL body!) so if want to turn up the heat, brainstorm which lingerie pieces and accessories to take to your shoot. And keep in mind that if you don’t want to take all your clothes off, there are many classy outfits for your boudoir shoot that will have you looking (and feeling) irresistible!

Boudoir Photo Ideas

Photo Credit: Ashley Durham Photography

Feel your best.

A big part of getting successful boudoir photos is confidence. Many women chose to get their hair and make up done professionally before their shoot. This can help women feel like the supermodels that they are! If this is something you’re interested in doing, make sure to plan ahead of time.

Make a playlist.

Music can be a great mood setter to release tension and help you feel like yourself during your boudoir shoot. Bring along a playlist of your favorite music so that you feel most at ease.


If you’re feeling nervous about the nature of the photo shoot, test out your sexy outfit, lingerie or bare skin in front of the mirror. Maybe even practice a few poses so you can see what looks best. As a professional, your photographer will help you find great poses and the right posture, but it’s always good to know which angles you like best.

Bridal Boudoir Photos

Photo Credit: Angelica Roberts Photography

The day of…

The day of your shoot, you may want to have a light breakfast so that you don’t feel bloated. Don’t skip breakfast all together, however, because the last thing you want is to feel lightheaded or weak when you should be feeling confident and beautiful.

What to do with the pictures.

Once you’ve completed your photo shoot, there are several ways to gift your pictures to your partner. You can get individual pictures printed and hide them for your husband to find or you can get a few framed. Most women choose to create a collection of their favorite photos with a photo album. Customize and print your perfect professional photographer-quality boudoir album with BrideBox so that you know this special photo shoot will be preserved exactly as you want for years to come. These photo albums serve as great wedding or anniversary gifts.

boudoir photo album

We love bridal boudoir photography because it’s a great way for women to celebrate their bodies and feel good in their skin, and of course it makes for a great gift for their partner. Be prepared going into the photo shoot so that you can get the best results and feel comfortable and confident throughout this exciting experience!

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