The Ultimate Style Guide for Perfect Wedding Nails


Your wedding manicure is the final step to completing your wedding day look. Although it may seem like a small detail to put significant thought and effort into, your wedding nails are actually an important part of your overall look. From the exchanging of rings, to taking photographs holding your bouquet, and the slicing of the cake, your hands will get attention and be photographed throughout the day, so it’s important to put some thought into them for styling. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect look for your wedding nails!

Go neutral

Neutral tones are a classic choice for weddings because they won’t detract from ring or bouquet. No matter the season of your wedding or the color combinations for your wedding theme, a manicure of neutral shades will be the perfect compliment to complete your wedding day look. A soft, light-toned nail polish will let your wedding ring stand out and will look wonderful with any arrangement of colorful wedding bouquets. Also, it won’t distract from the brilliance of your wedding dress. This is important because, in photographs, you want your wedding ring and bouquet to stand out, while your nail color stays a soft, complementary, and non-distracting element.


Photo Credit: Coco Tran

While sticking to neutral shades, you want to take your skin tone into consideration. It’s very important to find a perfect color for your wedding nails that won’t wash out your skin or stand out in contrast. A dusty rose or taupe would look beautiful on a darker skin tone, while a blush or rose quartz would compliment a lighter, fair skin tone.

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Photo Credit: Le Secret D’Audrey

Another great look for wedding nails that has a little more style than a plain neutral is a polish with some shimmer. A shimmering champagne color or iridescent crystal color will look wonderful against your white wedding dress and will add an extra sparkle in photographs when the light catches them. However, remember not to go too overboard and put a polish with glitter on your nails. This would be too distracting and would take away from the brilliance of your wedding ring.


Photo Credit: Rebecca Yale Photography

Playing with color

If you absolutely want to add a pop of color to your wedding nails, we recommend playing it safe and smart with a tone that won’t be too strong or distracting. If you want to show off your own personal style, or are a bridesmaid wanting to stand out, playing with colors is a nice idea. For example, a deep, dusty rose color will add a richness to complement the outdoors if your wedding is during the summertime. If you’re having a winter wonderland wedding, you can wear a soft grey color that will compliment the brilliance of your wedding ring.


Photo Credit: Popsugar

If you’re planning a destination wedding on the beach, a pale peach polish can add a hint of tropical fun to your wedding nails. It will also complement the color of your skin and the bright tones of the tropics with its orange tint. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you want to choose a color for your nails that picks up a tone that’s already present in your skin. Wearing a nail polish that’s too bright or unnatural will bring the risk of distracting from the other gorgeous details of your wedding day look like your jewelry and wedding gown.


Photo Credit: Sally Pinera

Keep it subtle and sophisticated

When choosing the style of your wedding day nails, there are definitely some designs you should steer clear of. Again, your nail color’s purpose is to compliment your entire look and make sure your nails are not too distracting so you should keep it natural and avoid acrylics or fake nails. These may seem like a good idea at first, but if something goes wrong you really won’t want make a big wedding day mistake and struggle with the nightmare of a broken nail. Also, make sure you avoid bright colors or shades that are too much of a contrast against your skin tone.


Photo Credit: Fondly Forever Photography

You also want to avoid rhinestones which may be distracting and using more than one color for your nail polish. It’s a good idea is to avoid any trends because it won’t photograph well or be your favorite look 20 years down the road when you’re looking back through your wedding album photographs. These extravagant, showy nail styles are can be totally fun and appropriate in certain settings like your bachelorette party or engagement photoshoot, but for your wedding day you will want to tone down the styling and go with a style that is simple and elegant.


Photo Credit: The Nail Boss

When choosing your wedding nail style and color, remember that it is important for your nails to be a compliment for your overall wedding day look. Your hands will be photographed and seen throughout the day and you don’t want them to stand out or distract too much from your dress or bouquet, and especially not your wedding ring. Keep it simple, sweet, and elegant.


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