Picture-Perfect Wedding Makeup Tips


Every bride on her wedding day wants to look like a ray of sunshine – she needs to be the most beautiful person in the room! The one with the most radiant skin, flawless contour, immaculately blended eyeshadow, brows on fleek, mascara that won’t run when the tears start falling from realizing her best friend will soon become her husband, and lips as luscious as a rose picked from the garden of angels! Not too much to ask. Just the essentials.

Our friends at Choix work wonders so you can have one (or usually more!) less errand to run by making it easy to choose the perfect makeup for your big day. How? By bringing the makeup counter to you! Choix ships any of their products right to your doorstep so you can try all the makeup you want before your special day, until you find the right look for you.

Here are the top 5 makeup tips every bride should know to look picture-perfect on her big day!

The Perfect Wedding Glow


Photo Credit: Crystal Herry Photography

Wedding day makeup calls for that pristine, natural look that lets your true beauty shine through. You want to look as wonderful and radiant on the outside as you feel on the inside. The key to the perfect wedding day look is luminous skin complimented by contouring to add depth to your face so it doesn’t get washed out when the sun goes down and the flash photography begins. Here are suggested products to give you that day-to-night glow and contour!

For photo-ready foundation: Laura Mercier, the queen of the flawless face, has just come out with an amazing new foundation called Candle Glow. It’s an ultra-lightweight, medium-coverage foundation that creates a soft, candlelit glow on skin, day or night. Perfect for that special day!

For bronzing: Dior has just come out with a beautiful bronzer as part of their Diorskin Nude Air range. These bronzing powders warm your natural skin tone while letting the skin breathe for the continual radiant beauty of a sun-kissed healthy glow. Choose the perfect shade of tan, in matte or satiny.

For highlight: Kevyn Aucoin was the king of making celebrities flawless! This highlighter is great for your wedding makeup and is a must-have for the big day. It adds radiance and a delicate highlight wherever it is placed. The highlights created are never harsh; the look is as if you are glowing from within!

For Eyes That Shine Bright


Photo Credit: Crystal Herry Photography

You should look well-rested on your wedding day, but let’s be real, something always happens, maybe something stressful or just being too excited from the anticipation, that leads you to not get the 7-9 hours of sleep you need. Combat dark circles with the proper undereye concealer and give yourself some magnified, bright, completely smitten eyes with a natural-looking smokey eye defined by some eyeliner! These are some Choix favorites to make sure all the pictures show how in love you are with the apple of your eye!

For undereye concealer: There’s no questions about what the best concealer for your wedding makeup is: the Cle De Peau award-winning concealer conceals imperfections, locks in moisture, and smooths for even texture in any light. It never creases and creates a flawless canvas. Most importantly, it lasts all day!

For eyeliner: The Dolce & Gabbana Intense Khol Eye Crayon is an excellent eyeliner for your special day. It’s a soft-tipped, pigment-rich crayon offering exceptional color and intensity. It effortlessly glides, blends, and smudges to create every makeup effect from smoky eyes to chic angled flicks.

For natural smokey eyes: The Dolce & Gabbana Smooth Eye Colour Duo is perfectly paired with 2 amazing colors that blend easily to create a beautiful eye. It delivers smooth, buildable color with extended 8-hour wear. Each eye shadow duet is great for brides since it is created with a range of subtle to vivid shades that can be applied wet or dry for versatile looks.

Eyebrows With Bold Definition


Photo Credit: Crystal Herry Photography

Eyebrows frame the face. In theatre, filling in brows is imperative for conveying emotion. Eyebrows emphasize facial expression, allowing the audience to be captivated by every emotion the characters feel on stage. On your big day, make sure each and every joyous moment is captured by all. Never neglect the brows! Well-done eyebrows make for a complete look and let the world know just how extraordinarily happy you are on your wedding day!

For brows: For the most natural looking brow, try the Shiseido natural eyebrow pencil. You’ll achieve and maintain perfect brows all day long. The firm pencil precisely draws in individual brows or fills in broad areas. It keeps a just-applied look without the need for touch up!

Mascara to Complete Your Stunning Look


Photo Credit: Crystal Herry Photography

Not only do you want your lashes to be voluminous, long, and dramatic, but you want mascara that will not run, especially since you will be full of emotion and joy on your big day! Opt for a mascara that will make your eyes bold and beautiful but will stay put for the whole night throughout all the laughter and even the most tear-worthy moments (father-daughter dance).

For lashes: You can’t go wrong with Chanel’s waterproof volume mascara for your wedding day. This is a top-choice mascara that offers instant volume from the very first stroke for longer, plumper, and thicker lashes. Your lashes will be coated in deep color with coverage that is waterproof and humidity-proof for infallible hold.

Lush Lips That Last All Day and Night


Photo Credit: Crystal Herry Photography

Lip product preferences are different for everyone, but three key things to look for are 1) staying power (to last through the whole ceremony until you can touch up), 2) non-drying formula (so your lips don’t look dry or chapped in pictures), and 3) graceful fading (for later in the night when you just want to dance the night away and stop caring about touching up).

Lip stain: You need a color that stays on your lips all day and all night! Giorgio Armani has recently introduced Lip Maestro, a lip stain that works well for brides, with a comfortable, velvety texture and a brilliant finish. Lips appear instantly plumped and radiant. The smooth, non-sticky formula offers hours of hydration and comfort. Concentrated pigments permeate the gel formula offering intense, seductive, and illuminating color. Light reflects off every curve of your lips with the super reflective shine technology, defining lips at every angle for an amazing pout!


Photo Credit: Crystal Herry Photography

There is a lot to take into account when finding the right makeup styles for your wedding day, but there are many resources out there to help you find your best look! We wanted to introduce our readers to Choix products because we really love how you can try out different products in the comfort of your home and find what products truly work for you. You want to look and feel picture-perfect on your wedding day, and with so many other things to worry about, it’s nice to have a service that makes finding the right makeup easier. Sample any and all Choix products for just $5 each (which turns into $5 credit towards the full–size product), or subscribe to Choix Elite for $20 a month and get 5 sample products and earn reward points every month! Use those points towards the full-size product while saving money for your wedding budget!

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