All You Need to Know About Engagement Photography

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Today, engagement photography for couples has became a staple in the lengthy, wonderful process of wedding planning. And, although engagement photo sessions may seem like just another trend, there is actually a long list of benefits that these photo shoots bring to you and your wedding planning process. Check out what the buzz of engagement photography is all about and decide if it’s right for you.

What is an engagement photography session?

An engagement photography session is when a professional photographer takes pictures of you and your fiancé in a casual setting, to capture your love and happiness genuinely. Your engagement is a wonderful time in both of your lives, and a photo shoot is a great way to commemorate that. While wedding photographs have a formal look and feel to them, engagement photographs have the appeal of freedom and creativity: You can choose your outfit and location and have fun while capturing precious, intimate one-on-one moments without all your guests and wedding party present. For a unique engagement shoot, you can choose a place that has significance to your relationship, such as the place of the proposal, a favorite spot you two share, or the location of your first date.


Photo Credit: John Bosley Photography

Why is it a good idea for brides AND photographers?

Engagement photo sessions are a good idea because they provide an opportunity to get to know your photographer and get insight into their individual photography style. At the shoot, you can build a relationship and learn how to communicate best with your photographer so that you are both ready and comfortable working together once the big day arrives. Although some couples may not realize this, building trust and confidence with your photographer and having them understand your photo preferences is an integral aspect of a successful wedding. The preliminary session of an engagement shoot will give you that add level of comfort to help your big day run smoothly and worry-free.


Photo Credit: Melvin Gilbert

Not only will you become comfortable with your photographer, but you will also learn how to be comfortable and relaxed in front of a camera. If you haven’t been professionally photographed before, it takes some getting used to. The engagement photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to get some practice being a photography subject and find what works for you. You will also get to see the pictures of yourselves long before the wedding rolls around, so you can let your photographer know ahead of time which shots and angles you don’t prefer and which ones you like. This helps save a lot of time on the wedding day and brings you closer to getting the images you know you will love.

From the bride’s perspective, engagement photo shoots are a useful opportunity to practice makeup. Even if makeup looks great from the naked eye, it may turn out differently once photographed. Schedule a makeup appointment for a practice run of the look you want for your wedding day to make sure you choose makeup that photographs flawlessly.


Photo Credit: Libby McGowan

From the photographer’s perspective, they will be able to learn your photography preferences during the shoot as well as demonstrate how they work behind the camera, both of which are not conveyed during a consultation. It is also a way for them to showcase their work without being in the time crunch and high-stress environment of the wedding day. The engagement photo session is a chance for them to enhance their business, build a stronger relationship with their client, and to keep in contact for further work like boudoir photography shoots, anniversary sessions, and much more.


Photo Credit: Kai Photo

How popular is engagement photography?

Engagement photo sessions are growing in popularity among newly engaged couples and fit in most wedding budgets. According to The Wedding Report, Inc., about 55% of couples have an engagement session, with 92% paying $250 or below. Conveniently, a lot of photographers offer an engagement session along with their standard wedding photography package. According to a WeddingWire forum, engagement photography sessions can cost an average of $250 and may be included in the price of the entire wedding package, depending on your location.


Photo Credit: Libby McGowan

What to do with the photos

Once you receive your beautiful engagement photographs, you can order single prints for framed portraits or collages that make great new home furnishings or gifts. Another wonderful idea is to create a professional engagement album with your photos. Engagement albums make beautiful family heirlooms and excellent thank-you gifts for the parents of the bride or groom. They are a wonderful way to preserve your precious memories in a timeless, elegant photo collection.


You can also use your engagement photographs on your website or for your save-the-date cards and engagement announcements, but make sure you check with the photographer’s image rights and get permission from your photographer to self-publish the pictures first. Some couples choose to make a slideshow to show at their wedding to document the history of their relationship. For such a presentation, engagement photos are a great addition.


Photo Credit: John Bosley Photography

Now that you know what engagement photography is all about, you can find the perfect photographer for you and tell your love story with unique, professional images that capture a wonderfully exciting time in your life.


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