10 Romantic Ways To Say “I Love You” This Valentine’s Day

strawberries and champagne romantic ideas

Valentine’s Day is, without a doubt, one of the most romantic days of the year. It’s an excuse for every couple to spend a little extra time together and profess their love for one another in different ways. Whether you’ve been together for just a few months or many years, there’s plenty of ways for you to express your happiness to be with your partner. Here are 10 romantic ways to show your love this Valentine’s Day.

1. A candlelit dinner

Candles just scream romance. Pair them with a delicious home cooked meal and some wine and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. Even if you’re not the most fantastic cook in the world, the effort you put into a nice dinner will certainly be appreciated. You can spend the evening cooking together, or surprise your honey by having dinner waiting for him. Make your favorite meal, light some candles and let sparks fly.

candlelight dinner Valentine's Day ideas

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2. Couples’ massage and spa day

Valentine’s Day is an excellent day to be pampered. Treat yourself and your partner to the spa treatment of your choice, whether it’s a facial, body scrub or mani pedi. Then, indulge in a therapeutic and relaxing couples’ massage. This is the perfect way to show your appreciation both for your loved one and yourself on this magical day.

Valentine's Day ideas couples massage

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3. A journal of notes

Sometimes writing down your feelings is easier than saying them out loud. Write out a bunch of notes, both long and short, each one with a different reason why you love your partner. Collect them all in a journal or beautiful bound book and give it to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.

love notes romantic Valentine's Day ideas

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4. Scavenger hunt

For those seeking an adventure, why not set up a scavenger hunt? You can have each item strategically placed at places that are meaningful to you, such as where you went on your first date or where you had your first kiss. Have the final clue lead to your dinner location!

DIY Valentine's Day scavenger hunt

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5. Bouquet of roses with a twist

A gorgeous bouquet of roses is the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift. Give yours a unique twist by tying a piece of paper with a fun date idea to each stem. This bouquet will surely be memorable, and you’ll have twelve fun dates to look forward to!

romantic ideas roses

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6. Plan an event

When you are in a relationship, sometimes you have to do things that you don’t particularly enjoy that your partner loves. If you know that he’ll be ecstatic to go to a hockey game, or his favorite band is coming to town, buy a pair of tickets for the event. He’ll be so excited to attend, and even more so because it was your idea.

sports tickets Valentine's Day ideas

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7. IOU coupon book

Create a mini coupon book with this fun DIY project. Each coupon will have an IOU on it, such as “IOU one 30-minute massage,” or “IOU one romantic dinner.” You can get creative with these coupons and tailor them to be unique to your relationship.

DIY coupon book romantic ideas

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8. Take a class

Learning how to do something new with your partner is a very rewarding experience. You both get to experience something new and learn and grow together. You can take a cooking class, a salsa dancing class, a painting class or go wine tasting – there are so many different options! Choose an activity that you both have been wanting to try.

couples painting class Valentine's Day ideas

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9. Strawberries and champagne

Nothing says romance like strawberries and champagne. Serve your strawberries with a side of chocolate fondue, or pre-dip them to make chocolate covered strawberries. Serve your champagne chilled in a bucket of ice, and enjoy them together while watching a romantic movie or cuddling in bed.

strawberries and champagne romantic ideas

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10. Recreate your first date

Recreating the first date when sparks started to fly is a very romantic idea. It’ll remind you both of the first time you started to having feelings for one another, and bring back fond memories of good times. If your first date wasn’t the best, recreate the time you first kissed or first said “I love you.” This is a creative way to rekindle the romance and make one another smile.

Valentine's Day date ideas

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Although Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to be romantic, that doesn’t mean you can’t try these ideas out any other time! Being in a loving relationship means that you need to continue to make each other feel special and loved. These are great ideas to try out for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays or just because. Expressing your love and appreciation for one another throughout the year will strengthen your relationship and make you both feel good year-round.

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