Modern Anniversary Gift Guide by Year

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Congratulations! You’re coming up on another year of marriage together. You’ve gone through your fair share of ups and downs, but this is a day to remember where your love started and realize how much it’s grown since that day. As you search Google for the perfect anniversary gift, you run into a lot of lists that go over the “traditional” ideas. While many of them are still very applicable to modern day, we wanted to give you an updated list to inspire your gift shopping! Whether you’re celebrating your first wedding anniversary or your twenty-fifth, BrideBox compiled a guide based off of year, complete with examples!

Year 1 – Clocks & Photo Albums

Wall clocks, desk clocks, nightstand clocks, or even watches (we’ll let this slide) will work for this anniversary. Personalize it with engraving, or get a statement wall clock to add as the main focus on your wall so you don’t forget the first year of your lives together as a married couple.

Another option, and personally our favorite, is a wedding album that involves pictures from your big day as well as a few throughout your first year together. This will allow you to create a keepsake that you can reminisce on and that will be cherished far past just you and your husband.

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Photo Credit: BrideBox Wedding Albums

Year 2 – China

Add to the collection you may have gotten during your wedding, create a piece of art on china, opt for a china mug for your partner, or invest in a beautiful ring plate!

ring-wedding photography

Photo Credit: Jana Williams Photography

Year 3 – Crystal/Glass

Save a bottle of wine or champagne from your wedding and pop it open on your third anniversary. In doing this, drink out of the glass or crystal wine glasses or champagne flutes that you purchased to commemorate your big day!

crystal-wedding photography

Photo Credit: Lisa Renault Photographie

Year 4 – Electrical Appliances

This is probably the most practical anniversary gift. Really focus on listening to your partner and figuring out what would get the most use, and what you actually need! As boring as it might sound, a new vacuum, grill, washer, or dryer might be the best gift your spouse has ever received.

electrical appliances

Photo Credit: Leslee Mitchell

Year 5 – Silverware

Let’s be honest, it’s about time for a new set anyway! If that isn’t for you, you can also go a more creative route and get two spoons mounted and say “spooning since (insert wedding year here).”


Photo Credit: Thistlewood Farms

Year 6 – A Wooden Anniversary Gift

Personalized signs with your vows, lyrics from your first dance song, your favorite bible verse, or even just your monogrammed initials is a great option for your sixth anniversary!

wood wedding photography

Photo Credit: Ruth Eileen Photography

Year 7 – Brass

A hunting knife, a welcome plaque for your home, or a piece of jewelry, there a lot of options for your anniversary gift.


Photo Credit: Joyelle West Photography

Year 8 – Linen or Lace

You can choose either or both if you’re feeling ambitious. For linen, consider a customized pillow, blanket, or handkerchief. For lace, a boudoir photography shoot (lace lingerie included) may be the perfect gift for your husband. If you’re looking for your wife, pampering her with a beautiful lace robe or clothing will not go unnoticed!

lace anniversary gift

Photo Album: Winsome and Wright

Year 9 – Leather-Based Anniversary Gift

Wallets, watches, wristbands, journals or even coasters are great ideas for this anniversary!

leather anniversary gift

Photo Credit: RedLeafLeather

Year 10 – Diamond Jewelry

Our favorite idea for diamond jewelry is a second wedding band to symbolize either 10 years together or even the children you share. If you’re shopping for your husband, consider cufflinks.

diamond jewelry

Photo Credit: Lane Dittoe

Year 11 – Fashion Jewelry or Accessories

This depends on your wife’s style. Is she a statement piece or subtle necklace kind of gal? Choose wisely. For the guys, what are the things they are into? Hunting, fishing, cooking, football? Get creative, thoughtful and practical when deciding their perfect accessories!

fashion jewelry

Photo Credit: Almond Leaf Studios

Year 12 – Pearls

Outside of the obvious pearl jewelry, we love the idea of a pearl ornament! You can hang it every Christmas to remember your 12th wedding anniversary.


Photo Credit: Megan Chase Photography

Year 13 – Textiles and Furs

Clothing, pillows, furniture, blankets, rugs, embroidered art. Get creative!

furs and textiles

Photo Credit: Bryce Covey Photography

Year 14 – Gold Jewelry

This one is pretty self-explanatory yet timeless and always appreciated.

gold jewelry

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Medina Photographic Artisans

Year 15 – Watches

At this point, you have your partner’s style down to a “T.” Make this gift extra special by engraving a special saying, verse, vow, date or monogram.

watch-anniversary gift

Photo Credit: Kristin La Voie Photography

Year 16 – Silver Hollowware

Hollowware means anything that is hollow on the inside. Centerpieces, candlesticks, tea sets, pitchers, cups, serving dishes, etc.

anniversary gift silver hollowware

Photo Credit: La De Da Photography

Year 17 – Furniture

Before you get too excited, take a step back and really analyze what you need to add or replace in your home. Is it a new mattress? A new couch? Which one would your partner appreciate most?

furniture anniversary gift

Photo Album: Danielle Moss

Year 18 – Porcelain Anniversary Gift

Ornaments, mugs, plates, figurines. Just because it’s your 18th anniversary doesn’t mean that thought isn’t still required!


Photo Credit: Rebecca Yale Photography

Year 19 – Bronze

Bronze cufflinks, jewelry, art, furniture, pens, keychains, or bottle openers, are all ideas that our brides said they’ve turned to.

bronze anniversary gift

Photo Credit: Ashlee Raubach

Year 20 – Platinum

Consider another platinum band, or even a platinum picture frame to have as a wedding keepsake for the rest of your life.

platinum-anniversary gift

Photo Credit: Laura Witherow Photography

Year 21 – Brass or Nickel

While you can absolutely opt for a brass or nickel cup or piece of jewelry, we love the idea of incorporating a penny or a nickel into your present.


Photo Credit: Rustic White

Year 22 – Copper

Are you a Moscow Mule loving couple? If so, look into copper cups to add to your bar cart.

copper-anniversary gift

Photo Credit: BrittRene Photo

Year 23 – Silver Plate

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a plate. It can be a platter with a chalkboard element in the middle, or even a cake stand! Think outside of the box.

silver plate

Photo Credit: Keith E. Morrison

Year 24 – Musical instruments

This is a perfect opportunity to pick up a hobby as a couple. Learn how to play the piano or the guitar but do it as a couple!

musical instrument anniversary gift

Photo Credit: Marcie Lynn Photography

Year 25 – Silver

Wow, 25 years! Congratulations! Focus this anniversary on reminiscing on how awesome your last 25 years have been. From the beginning to now and into the future at your 50th anniversary. Silver is just an object to show appreciation for all of the special moments you’ve shared together as a couple.

silver-wedding anniversary

Photo Credit: Cassidy Carson Photography

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No matter what year you’re celebrating, congratulations from your friends at BrideBox. A gift from the heart is never forgotten and we want to make sure that we help you in any way we can! Share with us the favorite gifts you’ve received or given for your anniversaries!

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