Trending Wedding Hairstyles for 2016

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When it comes to your wedding day, one thing is for certain: you will be the center of attention and in nearly every photograph taken that day. And while most brides spend lots of time and effort focusing on how to select the perfect dress, you want to make sure that you also pay special attention to choosing your wedding hairstyle. Your hairstyle frames your face, fits your personality, and compliments the theme of  your wedding. Whichever hairstyle you choose brings a unique vibe that is added to your entire look. Let’s look at a few popular hairstyles trends of the new year that you can consider wearing for your special day and work with all hair types, textures, and lengths.

Braids for Brides

When in doubt, braids are a great hairstyle because they are simple, easy, and add gentle structure to your ‘do. Braiding is a styling technique that never seems to go out of style and is versatile to incorporate with any length or style of hair. Braids add the perfect girly touch and fit a variety of occasions. For your special day, braids can be a great addition to an up-do, or can even be used to style your hair to bring it away from your face.



Photo Credit: Vienna Glenn Photography

Soft Waves

If you are planning on leaving your hair down, soft waves are the perfect style option for loose locks. They work wonders on any length of hair and are certainly not a tricky hairstyle to pull off. If you are looking for a simple, yet elegantly romantic look for your wedding, waves are definitely the best choice. Natural looking, beachy waves are a fabulous look for any bride and are great if you want to add any accessories to your hair such as accent flowers, small braids, or even a flower crown. They look excellent in photographs because they add volume to frame your face and reflect lighting to give your hair beautiful shine.



Photo Credit: Vienna Glenn Photography

Fancy Flowers & Crowns

These chic hair accessories are definitely trending for wedding hairstyles right now, and thankfully so! From single blooms to a stunning full flower crown, arrange as many flowers in your hair as you like to add a sweet, charming touch to your look. They are perfect for your wedding day as they add a pop of color to your white ensemble, are great for any season, and go well with whichever hairstyle you choose. In addition, if your wedding has a theme, you can easily incorporate it into your hairstyle with the use of flowers.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.09.36 AM

Photo Credit: Filda Konec Photography


Photo Credit: Jenna Joseph Photography


Photo Credit: Vienna Glenn Photography

A Modern Chignon

Sometimes you just want that quintessential bride hairstyle. There’s nothing quite like the classic, pulled-back low bun to wear on your wedding day. However, many hairstylists are adding a contemporary twist on this timeless look that will help you to look elegant and stunning on your big day. This sophisticated up-do is a perfect hairstyle for any weather, can be paired well with veils or other hair accessories, and look great with wedding gowns with gorgeous backs. There are now many varieties and twists to this bridal hairstyle, so you can surely find the one that is just right for you.


Photo Credit: Filda Konec Photography


Photo Credit: Jenna Joseph Photography

Whatever style you decide, be sure to give some thought to this important feature of your wedding day look. Hairstyles are an excellent way to show your individual personality and add some fun flair to your entire outfit. They are also an essential aspect of photographs to frame your face. Your look will be documented in photographs and wedding albums that will be keepsakes to be treasured forever, so it’s important you choose the perfect look for your big day.

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