15 Wedding Flower Crowns For Summer – Boho, Simple and Other Styles

What is it about a flower crown that makes everything seem so blissful and carefree? Not only are they fresh, bright and flattering, but they are the perfect boho chic summer wedding accessory. You can wear them with your hair up or down, curly or straight, and they’re beautiful on all hair colors and types.

Now that summer is officially here, it’s the perfect time to start trying on all the different fresh blooms to decide which type of floral crown is best for your summer wedding. Although they are typically more suited to outdoor weddings, you can wear a floral crown for your wedding if you want to – after all, it’s your big day!

Here are 15 of the most beautiful and perfect flower crowns we’ve ever seen.

1. We love how this bride chose to match her berry-red lipstick to the gorgeous roses in her floral wreath.

wedding flower crown

Photo Credit: Kelsea Holder

2. These dusty orange blooms are simply perfect for this simple, low, twisted updo. We love how the crown leads straight into the bun – ideal for any bride or bridesmaid this summer.

flower crown updo

Photo Credit: We Heart It

3. Looking for a more unique and untraditional flower crown? This stunning wreath is comprised of lush green ivy and simple white flowers, completing any boho chic bridal look.

unique flower crowns

Photo Credit: Feather and Stone

4. Keep things simple with a few small flowers expertly woven into a side braid. This bride chose to wear her hair up, though this look would work well with half-up styles as well.

simple floral crown

Photo Credit: Lindsey Shaun

5. Baby’s breath is anything but filler in this gorgeous bridal floral crown – love the loose braided look, but this crown is so versatile that you can wear it with any hairstyle you want. You can even wear it with a veil if you’d like!

bridal flower crown

Photo Credit: Rebekah Westover

6. Not all flower crowns need to be full of large blooms – we love this wreath made of thistle and a single white blossom for an ethereal, dreamy look.

bride floral crown

Photo Credit: Ciara Richardson

7. Not a fan of flowers, but still want to incorporate nature into your bridal hair? This monarch butterfly wreath is perfectly suited for nature-loving brides who want to evoke a simple and free-spirited vibe on their wedding days.

butterfly crown bride

Photo Credit: Wild and Free Jewelry

8. A bit of lace across the forehead makes this floral wreath unique and stunning. Perfect for brides who have chosen lace wedding dresses, or are just looking for a different spin on the traditional flower crown!

lace flower crown

Photo Credit: Maria Mack

9. Match your floral crown to your bridal bouquet like this bride did! Love the combination of warm wildflowers and lush green foliage. The large blooms look best when paired with a half-up hairstyle, but you can tailor the look to fit your style!

matching flower crowns

Photo Credit: Julie Siddi

10. Tuck those blooms underneath a messy bun or elegant updo for a distinctive twist on the otherwise traditional floral crown. These flowers will beautifully frame the nape of your neck, so it’s the perfect way to draw attention to that backless gown or unique wedding dress back style you’ve got going on.

wedding floral crown

Photo Credit: Delbarr Moradi

11. Colorful blooms and fragrant herbs combine to create this pretty floral crown that looks great with all hair colors! We especially love how this bride chose to wear her hair down and wavy to complete the bohemian look.

colorful wedding crown

Photo Credit: Michelle Boyd

12. Make a statement on your wedding day with this gorgeous draped floral crown. The cascading blooms beautifully frame this bride’s face and look perfect with just a couple large blooms.

statement floral crown

Photo Credit: Michelle Warren Photography

13. Pink cherry blossoms are strung together to create this whimsical and distinct bridal floral crown. We love the loose wavy hairdo, but you can wear this simple crown with any bridal or bridesmaid hairstyle you’d like.

flower crown for weddings

Photo Credit:  Serenity Crystal

14. Fluffy white flowers make this flower crown an ideal neutral accessory for any bridal look. This bride chose to make her red lipstick pop against her creamy white outfit.

white flower crown

Photo Credit: Laura Murray Photography

15. Who says your floral wreath has to be symmetrical? Large pink blooms, berries and twigs combine to make this lovely crown – perfect for your inner hippie child.

large floral crown

Photo Credit: Adene Photography

Floral crowns are a stunning addition to any bridal outfit, especially for those planning outdoor weddings this summer! Whether you choose to DIY your floral crown or have your florist design a creation for you, there are so many different styles to choose from. Fresh blooms, fake flowers, herbs, foliage and even butterflies can all make stunning floral wreaths for any bride. What kind of flower crown will you wear on your wedding day?

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