Bridal Hair Trends: Things Every Bride Must Consider

wedding-hairstyleOne of the biggest conundrums a bride can face is finding a hairstyle that not only fits well with her lovely face but one that also ties into her overall bridal style. There are many factors that play into finding the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day; your facial structure, wedding dress, and most importantly your hair being the determining factors.

What to consider when selecting your wedding hair style

When determining the best hairstyle for your individual needs you should consider 5 important aspects: your facial structure, the venue, your wedding attire, and of course the unique aspects of your beautiful hair.



Your venue plays a huge factor in your ideal hairstyle; location and time of day can and will determine which hairstyles are best fitting and most appropriate.  If you’re considering having your wedding during the day, a looser, less bold hairstyle would be most ideal.  Outdoor and daytime weddings generally call for looser curls, waves, and hair being down.  Whereas nighttime and ballroom weddings call for hairstyles that are a bit more dramatic.  If you’re wedding is being held at a ballroom, consider doing a tight large bun, or a loose fancier bun with a few accessories tied into it (literally.)


Facial Structurewedding-hair-bun

Your facial structure can largely determine what hairstyles you should gravitate towards and what you should avoid.  For you lovely ladies with smaller faces, consider keeping your hair down with looser waves. Bigger more dramatic hairstyles can often take away from your lovely face if your face is smaller. For you ladies with fuller faces or if you have rockin cheekbones, you’re going to WANT to go for the bigger, bolder hairstyles.  Avoid straight hair and go for the extra curly Shakira hair!


Wedding Attire

Wedding attire includes anything from your makeup, dress, jewelry, and accessories like tiaras and veils.  All these factors play the biggest role in choosing the most beautiful and well fitting hairstyle for your wedding. Remember your wedding day is your time to shine and look like a princess. So remember that LESS IS MORE. If you’re makeup is striking and you’re also rocking a veil and tiara, go for a more simple hairstyle like very loose waves or curls. However if your makeup is fairly simple and you’re not wearing a veil, make your hair your statement piece. Braided crowns, curly buns, and even wearing vintage hats make the biggest statement and will make every guest at your wedding swoon.



Finally, take into consideration the unique characteristics of your lovely hair; do you have straight, hair or do you have big hair with tight curls? These factors will make the biggest difference in the hairstyles you’ll want to choose.  Play up your features; if you have curly hair, embrace it; let your hair down and show off those gorgeous locks! If you’re hair is straight and thinner, play up those features by adding a few waves or gorgeous accessories into your hair. Straighter hair is very ideal for hair accessories!


Bridal Hair Trends

That being said, this year’s hair trends have definitely found the most beautiful styles to accommodate all hair. Some of the biggest trends we’re seeing this year is the braid, the bun, and the use of vintage accessories.

The Braid

Braids are back! This year has largely been about loose and unique braids that brides have used to make swooning statements. The fishtail braid has been used not only by brides, but by bridesmaids, and guests.  This look while bold is still softer and most ideal for daytime and outdoor weddings.

 fishtail-braid bridal-braid

The crown braid is far more popular during the evening and for ballroom weddings. This style is very ideal for brides who have hair to spare and for those who don’t want to place many accessories on their head.  This lovely style gives off a very Aphrodite, greek goddess look!

The Bun

Buns have been a huge trend throughout 2013 and very ideal for most hairstyles and facial structures. From high and tighter buns to lower, loosely held buns, this style is by far the most versatile as it makes a bold statement during both day and night.


Hair Accessories

Brides have gone bigger and bolder in regards to using hair accessories this year.  Fashion has tossed out the tiara and have incorporate more vintage accessories in its place. 2013 bridal fashion is all about the vintage headpieces that bring back the “old hollywood” look.


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