Make Your Something Blue Something Meaningful

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. We all know of this little rhyme that tells us the four things we must have on our wedding day for good luck. But it is left for interpretation and is quite open-ended. We can choose whatever we want to be our something old, our something new, our something borrowed and even our something blue. This wedding tradition is beautiful, delicate and charming. It refers to love, purity and fidelity. Whether you choose to make a statement with your something blue for all to see or keep it a secret for only you and your partner to know, there’s plenty of cute ways to incorporate something blue into your wedding day attire. Below are ten beautiful and subtle ways to incorporate your something blue into your wedding day.


Embroider a small heart, the name of your soon-to-be fiance or even your wedding date somewhere inside your wedding dress. You can embroider anything you want, in any shade of blue. You can even embroider something on the outside of your wedding dress and wear it proudly for all of your guests to see. Or, embroider something on the inner lining of your dress to keep it hidden. We recommend that you have this done professionally by a seamstress or by someone in your wedding party. This something blue will be a constant reminder of your beautiful day.

something blue embroidery wedding dress

Photo Credit: Watson Studios



Depending on the type of bridal gown you have chosen, you can easily buy and wear blue shoes to serve as your something blue. If your shoes will peek out from underneath your dress, make sure they match your wedding day’s color scheme and theme. Or, if your shoes will be hidden by the train of your gown, you can buy any shade of blue that you like. Whether you choose to wear flats or heels, there’s plenty of different shades of blue that would be the perfect something blue for your big day.

something blue wedding shoes

Photo Credit: Heels


Sole of shoe

If you do not think that having blue shoes is the right way to go, no problem! Many brides will paint the sole of their shoes to be a light blue, adding a little flair to their otherwise simple shoes. This way you will still have the elegant and polished look of your traditional white wedding day shoes, but also have the addition of your something blue underneath. You can even paint letters spelling out “I do” or any other fun phrase on the sole.

something blue sole of wedding shoes

Photo Credit: Pinterest




Spice up your wedding night with a sexy lace blue bra or undies. This is the perfect way to secretly hide your something blue underneath your wedding gown. If your wedding dress doesn’t allow for a blue bra, why not try a cute pair of underwear? Only you and your future spouse will know where you’ve incorporated your something blue!

something blue wedding underwear

Photo Credit: Wedding Thingz



The wedding tradition of the garter toss for single men is essentially the equivalent of the bouquet toss for single women. By hiding your something blue underneath your gown, your guests and your partner will be surprised when you finally reveal where it’s been kept. There are plenty of beautiful and cute designs when it comes to garter belts, so you can find a blue one that fits your personality and tastes.

something blue wedding garter

Photo Credit: Etsy



Accessorize your beautiful wedding outfit by adding a little something blue to your earrings. Whether subtle behind your loose hair or the major accessory to your updo, earrings are a great way to add the something blue to your wedding outfit. If you have a pair of earrings that were a family heirloom, they can easily double as your something old as well.

something blue wedding earrings

Photo Credit: Etsy


Hair accessories

Another subtle and beautiful accessory to have on your wedding day is hair pins or other hair accessories. These something blues can help you keep your hair up and be beautifully gentle. Because hair accessories can be so understated, you won’t have the problem of having your something blue be too overwhelming.

something blue wedding hair accessories

Photo Credit: Etsy


Flower bouquet

A flower bouquet is a must during your wedding day. The perfect way to incorporate your something blue is to add a hint of blue to your flower arrangement. Whether the flowers are blue or just a few special petals to help your flowers stand out, this is a perfect way to subtly add in a blue item to your day. You would be surprised at how striking and gorgeous a few blue accents in your wedding bouquet can be.

something blue bridal bouquet

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty


Stem holder

If you want to incorporate your something blue into your bouquet but not into your flowers, a blue stem holder is a perfect way to do so. Regardless of whether it is a ribbon bow or the string wrapped around your flowers to hold them together, this is a beautiful way to both keep your flowers together and incorporate the much needed color into your big day.

something blue wedding bouquet stem holder

Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks


Nail polish

Your nails must be done on your wedding day, even if you choose to go with a natural, polished look instead of the popular French manicure or a color to go along with your wedding’s color scheme. Your nails can be the perfect canvas for you to display your something blue. You can get your toenails or fingernails painted a beautiful shade of blue to show the importance of your something blue. Having your toenails painted blue is the perfect way to keep your something blue understated.

something blue wedding nail polish

Photo Credit: Christopher Norris

Whether you choose to make your something blue a big part of your wedding day attire or keep it hidden underneath your wedding dress, there’s plenty of ways to incorporate this tradition into your big day. Make sure your something blue is something meaningful to you that will represent fidelity and love – two of the most important things on your wedding day. By fulfilling the rhyme “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” you’ll bring good luck and fortune to your marriage for eternity.

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