Top 10 Wedding Bouquet Alternatives

Flowers can be one of the most costly aspects to your weddings; often time brides seek alternatives to flowers and floral bouquets not only to cut costs, but to make their wedding more memorable.  We’ve found our top 10 favorite wedding bouquet alternatives; delicious, everlasting, and trending in today’s bridal fashion community!

1) Pine Cone Bouquet:

Pine cones are a beautiful and organic alternative to a floral wedding bouquet. They are available in abundance and incredibly cost efficient. Pine cone bouquets and wreaths are gorgeous additions to any wedding; providing you with an elegant and earthly look!




2) Pinwheel Bouquet:

Pinwheels are a fun and flirty addition to any wedding bouquet or a cute accessory to add onto your suit! Whether its a single, giant, pinwheel or a bouquet of colorful mini pinwheels, its an everlasting memory no one could ever forget!



3) Paper flower Bouquet:

Many brides steer clear of paper flowers; believing them to be poorer in quality compared to a floral bouquet and find the paper to be easily noticeable. Going with companies that specialize in alternative wedding bouquets, especially paper flowers, will rid you of these worries. Check out these gorgeous bouquets below; you’d never believe they were made of paper!



4) Cotton Ball Bouquet:

Composing a bouquet made of cotton balls is a great alternative to floral bouquets. They’re less costly, gorgeous for winter or outdoor weddings, and a great DIY project to hold during your bridal shower!




5) Feather Bouquet:

Feathers are a gorgeous alternative to a floral bouquets. They can be composed in almost any style of your choosing and you  have almost any color at your disposal!feather-wedding-bouquet

6) Butterfly Bouquet:

Butterflies are an adorable addition to any wedding; so why not have your entire bouquet made of brightly colored butterflies?! These bouquets are awfully cute, but often difficult to make (especially when you need a bouquet to meet bridal bouquet standards!) BrideBox recommends using sites like ETSY for high quality wedding bouquet alternatives! They have a plethora of options available for brides on any kind of budget; and a large of number of artists who specialize in butterfly bouquets.




7) Fruit Bouquet:

Fruit Bouquets are a deliciously healthy alternative to floral bouquets. With its bright colors, its a perfect bouquet for any summer or outdoor wedding.  And after your special day has passed, you’ll have a delicious treat at your disposal!

fruit-wedding-alternatives fruit-wedding-bouquet


wedding-candy-bouquet8) Candy Bouquet:

Not looking to be healthy? Why should you be, it’s your special day! Candy Bouquets are a fun and equally delicious alternative to a floral bouquet.  A great DIY project for you and your  bridesmaids and fun accessory for your ring bearer and flower girls to carry!



wedding-button-bouquets9) Button Bouquet:

Buttons make for some of the most unique wedding bouquets yet and can be cherished among your many other wedding memoirs for years to come!wedding-button-bouquet-alternative

10) Cloth/Jeweled Bouquet:

Satin or Silk bouquets are an elegant alternative to flowers and prove to be a great accessory for men too. Add some pearls and jewels on your bouquets to get that princess-like result!



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