DIY Pinterest Hairstyles Debunked!

Dutch Braid tutorial

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Pinterest and found yourself feeling dubious about how DIY some of those DIY hairstyles really are? These step-by-step tutorials are overwhelmingly popular on this social website and make doing your own hair for your wedding seem incredibly easy. A few of us girls behind BrideBox decided to try some of these hairdos to determine once and for all whether or not they are doable. Here are the results of our experiment.

1. The Waterfall Braid

Grade: B

If we’re being totally honest, this was the one we were most excited to try. The waterfall braid is pretty, simple and elegant and super versatile. It’s great for the office, a casual outing, going out, a dinner date and even your wedding day. It’s a flattering way to wear your hair down whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid or a wedding guest.

Waterfall Braid

Photo Credit: Hair Wiki


As this was the first time any of us have really tried to do a braid like this, we decided it would be much easier if we tried it on one another instead of attempting to braid our own hair. Simply following the photo’s instructions was a little confusing at first, but once we figured out how the initial braid worked it was much easier to follow. Start with a regular French braid at the top (don’t worry we had to Google it too) and then start the waterfall braid.

DIY Waterfall Braid tutorial

Overall, we rate this one as a moderate success. If you have someone doing it for you, it is completely possible to achieve the look within the first few tries. If you’re already an adept braider, you’ll probably be able to do this on your own hair with a few tries.


2. Rope Braid

Grade: F

Of all the potential hairstyles we found, the rope braid was the one we thought would be easiest. All you need to do is twist two sections of hair together and voila – a chic, sleek and beautiful look appropriate for both formal and casual events. Paired with a headband it is a super cute way to wear your hair whether you’re in the wedding or just attending.

Rope Braid tutorial

Photo Credit: Debshops


Looks sure are deceiving with this hairstyle tutorial. What we thought would be the simplest hairdo turned out to be flat out impossible. First, you twist two sections of hair, then you wrap them around one another and tie at the bottom to create the braid. However, what the instructions fail to show is that wrapping the two twisted sections of hair around each other doesn’t keep them together. As soon as you let go of the braid, it unravels and falls apart.

DIY Rope Braid instructions

Overall, this one is rated as a huge failure. Unless you use a ton of hairspray and some strategically placed bobby pins, we don’t think that this hairstyle is possible.


3. Fishtail braid

Grade: A-

The fishtail braid is a unique, classy braid that is a great alternative to the traditional braid. It’s special enough to wear to formal occasions like a wedding or engagement party and it looks great on all types of long hair, curly, wavy or straight. This type of braid would look great with a flower crown or headpiece to accessorize your big day.

Fishtail Braid tutorial

Photo Credit: Oncewed


Luckily, one of us already knew how to fishtail braid. She said that she learned how to do it from a ten year old at summer camp several  years ago, and with a couple trial runs she was able to successfully fishtail braid on someone else. Skilled braiders will be able to master this braid quickly and could even do it on themselves.

DIY Fishtail Braid tutorial

Overall, we rate this one as a great success. However, if we had to learn how to fishtail braid from scratch, this may not have been quite so successful. But if a ten year old can teach us how to fishtail braid, how hard can it really be?


4. Dutch braid chignon

Grade: B+/C-

The Dutch braid is essentially an inside out French braid. If that means nothing to you, don’t worry – we had some trouble with it as well. This elegant updo is so pretty and looks extra fancy. It’s the perfect way to wear your hair up as a bridesmaid or bride.

Dutch Braid tutorial

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess


After a few failed attempts, we were able to manage the Dutch braid, which actually turned out really well. This would be a lovely hairstyle for a wedding by itself. Unfortunately, when we attempted to twist the braid up into the chignon, the look fell apart.

Overall, we recommend trying the Dutch braid as an alternative to a traditional braid. The chignon updo, unless you choose to use a lot of hairspray, we advise you to do at your own risk.

DIY Dutch Braid Chignon tutorial


5. Half up braided crown

Grade: A+

This boho chic hairstyle is a simple way to spice up your hair whether it’s straight, curly or wavy. It’s easy to do and can be dressed up for a formal affair or kept casual.

DIY Half Up Braided Crown hairstyle tutorial

Photo Credit: A Cup Of Jo


This hairstyle was the easiest one to do – we got it on the first try. The only advice we have to offer is to use small, neutral colored hair ties instead of brightly colored ones like we did!

Half Up Braided Crown

Overall, we highly recommend trying out this hairstyle for work, a date or an event. It’s easy enough to do on your own and even easier to do on a friend.


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