Top 5 Bachelorette Party Games


Bachelorette parties can be all kinds of fun and there is certainly not one way to go about celebrating the bride-to-be. Whether you and the bridal brigade are escaping to a destination for your bachelorette party, spending a night out on the town, or keeping it mellow at home, these games are sure to add some fun to the festivities. In addition to the bachelorette party essentials, playing games can be an important aspect to keep the party lively and make sure all the guests are having a great time. With minimal time and materials required for the preparation beforehand, you can spend the party enjoying yourself and bonding with friends worry-free. Plan with your audience in mind and choose a handful of these simple yet wildly entertaining games that are guaranteed to have everyone laughing and focused on the bride-to-be.


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The Bachelorette’s Best Friend Test

Game: Bridal Trivial Pursuit

Materials Needed: pencils/pens, small pieces of paper

How to Play: This game essentially tests who knows the bride the best. It is easily played, yet delightfully challenging. The guests gather around the bride in the hot seat, as they prepare to test their knowledge on facts about the woman of the hour. Questions are previously thought of and can be about the bachelorette and her fiancé, for example details about their first date, while others can be uniquely about her (her favorite food, first kiss, #1 celebrity crush, or who took her to Prom). Playing this guessing game about the bride is great because it keeps competition at a friendly, lively level and is sure to bring laughter as the bride slowly learns who knows her secrets and who needs their facts checked. The bride can create and ask the questions one at a time, with her answers in mind, and have everyone write their guesses on a piece of paper. Whichever guest has the most answers correct at the end of the game wins!


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Fun with Bachelorette Superlatives

Game: “Most Likely To… “

Materials Needed: guest name cards

How to Play: For a bachelorette party where the guests know each other relatively well, this game can be a great addition to the night. Each player has a set of cards with every guest’s name on them. The maid of honor names a category, for example, “Most likely to… spend the whole wedding party on the dancefloor”, and gives everyone a moment to think of who would best fit that description and choose that person’s name card from their stack. On the count of three, everyone flips the card to reveal who they nominated. The guest whose name gets the highest number of votes is the winner and can choose the category for the next round. It adds some fun creativity to have guests think up categories on the spot, but it is definitely helpful to have a list handy in case someone gets stumped.


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Make the Party a Night to Remember

Game: Bachelorette Party Bucket List

Materials Needed: checklist, transportation, camera or camera phone

How to Play: If your party has extra time to fill with a fun activity, create a silly bucket list that can turn the night into a memorable adventure. For this game, you can split into teams or keep everyone included and work together as one unit. Create a list of tasks (ideally ahead of time so it can be the most clever) the team has to complete around town with a set time limit. The missions can be as silly or as simple as you want – from taking a selfie with a bartender to giving someone a tattoo using lipstick or getting a piggyback ride from a stranger – but make sure each team documents the completed task with a picture. The team who has the most tasks checked off at the end of the night wins! This game has the wonderful potential to bring just the right amount of craziness to the night. If you create an epic scavenger hunt list, it is sure to get you recognized as being the best maid of honor.


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A Great Game to Get the Party Started

Game: “Never Have I Ever… “

Materials Needed: none

How to Play: This game is a classic one to incorporate into the agenda when you want to kick the party up a notch and bring everyone’s most hilarious, dirty secrets to light. It’s one of many great games to break the ice and no materials are needed, except maybe the bravery to reveal your secrets! Each player starts with all ten fingers up and the guests go around in a circle sharing one thing they have never done (for example, “Never Have I Ever… been skydiving”). If another player must disagree with the statement, i.e., they have been skydiving, they put a finger down. When a player is the first to have no fingers left to count, the game is over. For some added fun, instead of putting a finger down, the person can take a sip of their drink. Since this game requires no materials, it’s a great one to keep in mind if you and the group are on-the-go at a special event for your bachelorette party.

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The Best Game to Add Sentimental Value

Game: Stroll Down Memory Lane

Materials Needed: sticky notes, pencils/pens

How to Play: While most of these games deal with lighthearted entertainment and laughter, this one is sure to bring about some joyful nostalgia for the bride. There are many tips for being a great bridesmaid and a special one to keep in mind is to make the bride feel special and loved. This game does just that. Each guest grabs a sticky note and writes down a cherished memory they personally experienced with the bride-to-be: it can a hilarious moment, embarrassing story, or just a random anecdote. While the bachelorette closes her eyes, everyone places their sticky note on the wall. Once all the sticky notes are up, the bachelorette begins to read the memories and must guess which person the memory was made with. The bride can spill the beans of the full story with the rest of the group, which is sure to get everyone laughing and reminiscing.

Bachelorette parties have the potential to be one of the most fun, adventurous nights the bride enjoys before her wedding day. With all the stress and seriousness of planning the big day, throwing a fantastic party is a great way to get everyone relaxed and having fun. These games provide great additions to the night, don’t require much preparation, and can be easily incorporated into the night’s schedule especially when you take the time to plan ahead. So stock up on the champagne, call the limo driver, and get ready to make this bachelorette party one for the books!

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