The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Checklist

bachelorette party definition

Bachelorette parties, also known as hen parties in the UK, are the ultimate girls nights out. The bride-to-be and her closest gal pals get together for an epic night (or weekend!) and celebrate her final days as an unmarried woman. It’s the perfect opportunity for the bridal party to blow off some steam before preparing for the stress of the wedding day. Whether you choose to keep things simple with a girls night in, or if you want to get a little wild with a trip to Vegas, our checklist will help make sure that you and the girls will have a night to remember.

bachelorette party definition

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“Bride-to-be” crown and sash

Despite the fact that you are all getting together to party, this is still about the bride-to-be’s special day. A crown or veil and a sash will make her stand out and make her the star of the night.

Kim Kardashian bachelorette party

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Goodie bags

There are so many fun little items that you can include in goodie bags to hand out to each of your bachelorette party guests. Include a combination of items to be used immediately for the party, such as mini shots, fun sunglasses and matching necklaces, as well as gifts for each lady to bring home, such as cute underwear, body scrubs and scented lotions. These can even be customized for each girl based on her interests and tastes!

bachelorette party goodie bags

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Phallic items

Let’s be honest – no bachelorette party is complete without some phallic items. There is an endless array of party favors that come shaped like penises and are meant to be used in a mildly inappropriate manner. Buy some penis-shaped straws or candy, bake a penis-shaped cake or even purchase some naughty toys if that’s the style you’re going for.

penis candy necklace

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This is a celebration, and what celebration doesn’t have champagne? Get a few bottles of bubbly and mix it up with your favorite juices to make mimosas, or just drink it straight in preparation for a night out on the town. If champagne isn’t your drink of choice, mix up some specialty cocktails and serve them in fun glasses. But remember, this day is about the bride and if she doesn’t drink then make sure she is comfortable with having alcohol at the event before stocking up on booze.

Champagne bachelorette party

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Matching outfits

A group of girls out on the town are sure to attract some attention, but what better way to make your party known than to wear matching outfits? These don’t need to be exactly the same and too fancy, but something as simple as wearing the same color dress will indicate that your group is out for a purpose. Plus, you’ll look cute! The bride-to-be should be wearing a different color along with her sash and crown so that she’ll be the center of attention.

bachelorette party matching outfits

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Customized items

You’re only going to have one bachelorette party, so you really ought to go all out. Customized items, such as shot glasses, wine or tshirts, will commemorate this important occasion and are a nice memento of the fun times you had.

shot glasses bachelorette party

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You’ve got a long night ahead of you, and you’re going to need fuel to keep everyone going. Provide some healthy snacks such as fruit or granola bars, and include some sweet treats such as themed cupcakes or (as above mentioned) a phallic cake.

bachelorette party snacks

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While you’re getting ready for your night out on the town, playing games would help break the ice and set the tone for the evening. There are many games to play that range from totally tame to scandalous, so find a few that would be appropriate for your soiree. One popular game at bachelorette parties involves a little bit of prep work – ask the groom to answer 15-20 questions and then quiz the bride-to-be on her future husband. For every question she gets wrong, she has to have a drink!

Bachelorette dare game

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Emergency kit

As with any debaucherous night, there is the potential for something to go wrong. Put together an emergency kit of items that would resolve minor issues in a pinch. Include things like nail clippers, fast flats (for when your feet hurt!), lipstick, mascara, mints, condoms and anything else that you think your gal pals may need.

emergency kit bachelorette party

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Disposable cameras

This is bound to be a memorable and fun event, and you’ll want to have some pictures to help you remember the night. Disposable cameras are fun because you won’t be so worried about capturing the perfect shot, but rather the perfect moments, and looking through the photos together after they are developed is always entertaining.

disposable camera bachelorette party

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