8 Date Night Ideas to Keep the Spark Alive After the Wedding

couple cooking date

Many people quickly learn that after the honeymoon, romance begins to slip away. It’s easy to fall into a routine and forget what it was like during the courting process when you would each do romantic things for one another. It is critical to continue dating your partner after marriage in order to keep the spark alive and have a long and happy marriage.  These eight date night ideas will help you keep the spark alive after the wedding.

Ice Skating

Whether you live in a small town or a large city, chances are you’re never too far from an ice skating rink regardless of the time of year. The best part about ice skating is the memories you will share. You might hold hands and help one another at various times throughout the date. You can cozy up to one another with a cup of hot cocoa. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned ice skater, it’s always fun to spend time with the one that you love in such a romantic setting. Not only is ice skating romantic, but it’s also a very affordable date night idea.

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Cooking Night

Learning to cook new meals together will provide you with entertainment as well as essential life skills. Consider taking turns selecting the meal so that you can each choose a cuisine or food that you like and want to learn how to make yourself. You can choose to go to an expensive cooking class or follow a video tutorial online. If you choose to follow a video online, be certain to find a video that lists the recipe and start the date with a trip to the supermarket. You might even consider walking or riding your bikes to and from to shake things up a bit and to increase your appetite. There are so many different types of foods and cuisines to try, so if you and your partner enjoy cooking together you can even set aside one night a week for you to do so. Cooking is a fun and entertaining date night idea that also reaps immediate rewards – being able to eat the food you made!

couple cooking date

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Meet for Lunch

Even if you work in different suburbs or towns, making the effort to spend your lunch hour with one another with relative frequency will only strengthen your relationship. Sneaking off for a romantic lunch in the middle of the day is a great way to reduce stress and generate a spark. You could go to your favorite cafe or restaurant, or you can pack a picnic to eat in a park or outdoors somewhere nearby. It is the perfect way to insert a much-needed break in your day.

couple lunch date

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Start a New Hobby

Starting a new hobby together will not only keep the spark alive, but it will provide you with lifelong shared interests and memories. It may be difficult to settle on a new activity with mutual interest. Try to be open minded and do not be afraid to try new things until you both agree. Some good options include hiking, trying a new exercise class, going salsa dancing, joining a book club or trying a new sport. If you still cannot select something you both absolutely adore, consider taking turns participating in two activities you both enjoy at least a little. You never know what activity might turn into your new hobby until you try!

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Start Sunday Traditions

Sundays are a great day to begin traditions because it is typically the one day a week that people have the least amount of obligations. Take turns making breakfast in bed with a massage for one another and host or attend a brunch with friends once a month. Allowing your significant other to be pampered once in a while will result in nothing but positive results. And, spending time as a couple with friends is often a way to be reminded how lucky you are to have found one other.

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Public Movie Screening

Many cities, small and large alike, offer public movie screenings at various times throughout the year. It may be at an old drive-in movie theater, in a park or it may be in a public area projected onto the side of a building. These screenings are often free and the films are often of the romance genre. You can pack a picnic and lay out a blanket or set up chairs and enjoy a movie together in a different setting than you may be used to, making this date night idea unique and memorable.

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Free Museum Night

Most cities have a free day and night at museums. If you are on a budget, this is the best way to incorporate culture into your dating ritual. Immerse yourself in art, history and science and learn more about culture with your partner. It is important to note that because it is a free night, the museums are likely to be more crowded immediately after work. Consider sharing a picnic on the steps or in the park prior to attending as you wait for the masses to depart. You will have the opportunity to observe other people and your surroundings as you wait for a good time to enter the museum, which is often just as fun as the actual museum.

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Learn a Language

Learning a language together will be a life-bonding experience. Think of a place you both wish to visit one day in the future and select that local language to learn. The best part about learning a language in this day and age is that you don’t have to sign up for expensive classes – there’s plenty of free courses and resources online. Start by using vocabulary flash cards and posting notes on items around the house. You might just be surprised how much fun you can have. Being multi-lingual is an excellent skill to have, and sharing the learning experience with your partner will strengthen your relationship. Plus, you’ll always have a conversation partner to practice with!

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Regardless of the manner in which you choose to spend your date night, it is crucial to continue with the dating tradition as if you were never married. Keeping the spark alive equates to keeping your marriage spark alive for many joyful and exciting years to come.


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