18 Of The Cutest Things Grooms Have Done For Their Brides

wedding day breakfast in bed
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The wedding day is a whirlwind of stress, family, friends, joy and beauty. Sometimes within all of this it’s nice for the bride- and groom-to-be to have something that is just theirs. Whether it’s a secret love note or a not-so-secret flash mob, these 18 grooms have really stepped up their romance game and surprised their brides with some of the cutest gestures that will definitely make you say, “Awww!”

1. Secret love notes

This groom surprised his bride by collaborating with one of her bridesmaids to give her secret love notes throughout the day – one each for when she woke up, when she got ready and when she was about to enter the church.

wedding day love notes

Photo Credit: East Coast Bride

2. Love confessions on her shoes

This groom made his bride’s wedding day shoes even more special and priceless by writing a confession of his love on the soles.

love notes wedding shoes

Photo Credit: Colin Cowie Weddings

3. Recorded proposal

Recording a marriage proposal seems to be quite the trend these days, but what about waiting until the wedding day to show the video to her? This groom did just that for the surprise of a lifetime.

surprise wedding proposal

Photo Credit: Heather’s Glen

4. Breakfast in bed

On a day as stressful as the wedding day, having her favorite breakfast delivered to her in bed is a relaxing way to start the morning.

wedding day breakfast in bed

Photo Credit: College Magazine

5. A detailed scrapbook

This bride and groom decided to exchange gifts on their wedding day. He gave her a beautiful scrapbook filled with love notes and poems that he’d written her throughout the years,  she got him an autographed Back To The Future poster.

wedding day bride groom gift exchange

Photo Credit: Ailyn Latorre Photography

6. Champagne and flowers

What girl doesn’t love champagne and flowers? And what’s better than champagne and flowers? How about surprise champagne and flowers on your wedding day?

champagne flowers wedding day

Photo Credit: Brides

7. A love letter

This bride and the groom wrote each other love letters and read them just before the first look on the wedding day.

wedding day love letters

Photo Credit: The Art Of Weddings

8. Thoughtful gifts throughout the day

She’s stressed out, rushing between hair and makeup appointments and having to deal with all of her bridesmaids and family’s questions and demands. He sends her thoughtful little gifts throughout the day to calm her down and remind her that he’s the one that she’s marrying.

wedding day thoughtful gifts

Photo Credit: Six Sister’s Stuff

9. Slideshow of memories

This groom surprised his bride with a slideshow of photos from when they first met all the way through their engagement. What a cute way to relive these fond memories!

wedding day slideshow

Photo Credit: DVD Your Memories

10. Choreographed dance

This groom enlisted the help of his groomsmen for one of the most epic wedding day surprises ever – a choreographed dance that’s actually pretty good!

11. Relaxing spa treatment

Amidst all the craziness of the wedding day, there’s hardly any time for the bride to relax. What better wedding day treat than a surprise spa treatment?

wedding day surprise massage

Photo Credit: Caneel Bay Honeymoon

12. Serenade with a song

Far before their wedding day, he promised her that he would sing her a song on the big day. He follows through by writing his own lyrics to the song “Half The World Away” by Oasis.

13. Unique journal

By combining all the old love letters and email exchanges that they had, this groom was able to create a truly unique gift for his bride on their wedding day.

wedding day journal

Photo Credit: Bridal Guide

14. Fireworks

These newlyweds truly went out with a bang when he surprised her with a fireworks display at the end of the night.

surprise fireworks wedding day

Photo Credit: David Pressman Events

15. Romantic vows

This couple chose to write their own vows, and his were so romantic that he brought his bride to tears.

groom reading wedding vows

Photo Credit: Tim Halberg

16. Surprise honeymoon

Sometimes the chaos of wedding planning leaves the honeymoon to be forgotten, so imagine a bride’s surprise when she finds out he planned a honeymoon for them!

surprise honeymoon

Photo Credit: Bedroom Design

17. Engraved wedding ring

Your wedding ring is already unique and special, but this groom took the extra step and had it engraved to make it truly theirs.

engraved wedding rings

Photo Credit: Susan Stripling

18. Mix CD

A mix CD of all the love songs that represent their relationship is one of the most romantic gestures he could make.

wedding day mix CD

Photo Credit: Bells & Whistles

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