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Headed by Geoff & Lyndsi Thornton, Geoff & Lyndsi Photography offer their wedding photography services all over the United States since 2015. Some of the services are Portrait Sessions start at $500, Elopement Sessions start at $2,500, and Wedding Packages start at $4,000. Combining all three talents of photojournalism, business management, and psychology, you will get the best pictures of your wedding day while feeling completely at ease. “Let’s make magic together!

“Lyndsi and Geoff’s pictures on Instagram are what initially caught our interest. We loved their organic style of capturing natural light and how at ease the couples looked in all their photos! The vibe that Lyndsi and Geoff radiate is professional, creative and their chemistry together as a couple is infectious, fostering what the feeling should be at a wedding, fun and loving.” (Taryn & Dave)


Wedding Photography


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